Against SB4 The "show me your papers law" of Texas

Protesters took over Governor Abbot's office in order to protest SB4, the anti-sanctuary bill currently at his desk. Over 100 activists took the building by storm. 24 of them were arrested

Senate Bill 4 is a harmful bill that turns Texas into a "show me your papers" state and forces local law enforcement agencies to honor immigration detainers. SB4 does not go into effect until September 1, 2017. At that time, police and sheriffs will be able to ask the immigration status of anyone who is lawfully detained, before they have been arrested and told that they have the right to remain silent. Any police chief of sheriff that does not honor immigration detainer requests - and requests they truly are since even the federal government says they are voluntary - could be charged with a crime. This bill also allows the State of Texas to withhold funds from cities that don't collude with federal immigration authorities, and threatens to unseat any elected official that tries to enact policy that could be interpreted as a sanctuary policy. The full text of the bill is here:

SB4 is hateful. SB4 is racist. SB4 is anti-immigrant. SB4 is anti-democracy. But the fight is not over, it is just beginning. We have until September 1st to make sure our cities and counties refuse to comply; to make sure our communities are safe.

Sign up here to join us:

SB4 is anti-immigrant and anti-democracy. To stay tuned about what you can do, sign up here:

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