The Florida Museum of Natural History Daniel Silva

Nature on Display

I found the Butterfly Exhibit to be the most interesting. As soon as you close the second door behind you, while being cautious as to not let any butterflies out, the feeling of peace and serenity instantly flow through your body. You walk in breathless and astonished by the sheer beauty that surrounds you. Plants and trees reign high and low as the exquisite butterflies flutter all throughout the exhibit. It’s truly an amazing experience in which you also expand your knowledge on different aspects of butterflies. I learned that the color scheme to a butterfly is an essential tool for its life. Darker colors help a butterfly warm up, males tend to be brighter to attract partners, and patterns that align with the surroundings protect butterflies from predators.

Butterfly Exhibit. Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature And Ethics

As I wondered through all the exhibits I couldn’t help but realize how humbled I was by all the history that has been bestowed upon me. The Frog exhibit was very eye opening for me in regards to Leopold’s message. Though I don’t have a particular interest or comfort for frogs, I was able to experience them in a controlled environment and as a result I earned a sense of respect for their species. The Dart Poison Frog are one of the most poisons frogs in Central and South America. I learned that they had enough poison to kill ten humans. The Frog Museum was very exquisite and appealing to all age groups. Not only did the exhibit illustrate the importance of preserving all animal life, but it made me feel more self-aware of the environment and all the organisms that encompass it.

Dart Poison Frogs. Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature And The Human Spirit

The Natural History museum is a huge inspiration and statement to everyone in this country. All exhibits force you to perceive a different reality on the world. When referring to Herschel’s beliefs, I would agree that every person needs to enjoy a nice day in the Florida sun. As previously stated, the butterfly museum brought the most light to my eyes. I stood in the vastness of the exhibit and was so appreciative of the opportunity.

Fossil Exhibit.Florida Museum of Natural History.

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