Relationship Writing Journal By Emily hite

I have a friend named Claudia. I met Claudia last year on the Central High School swim team. When we met she was a freshman and I was a sophomore, when we met we were not friends we just knew each other because of swimming. It was not until this year that I started becoming friends with Claudia, eventually we became best friends. This year our practices started an hour after school got out, so everyone had an hour after school to do homework or talk to friends or do whatever. Claudia and I both have injuries and we would talk to and work with the athletic trainers at the school. We would be in the athletic trainers office after school before practice and we would talk and we became good friends with each other and some of the football players. We were best friends for months but then, one day, we hated each other and we weren't friends anymore. After a few months of absolutely hating each other we started talking again and now, we are friends again. Even though we are not as close as we used to be we are working our way back.

I chose this relationship to write about because Claudia has changed my life so much. Claudia has changed my life by making me realize who my true friends are and she made me realize what is important in my life. Claudia has made this school year very crazy but deep down I am thankful for her even though she has put me through so much.

This poscast is about two best friends talking about what makes friendship important, especially in their friendship.

Towards the middle of the swimming season was when Claudia and I became good friends. We would talk all the time about everything and we would always hangout during school and a little bit outside of school. We didn't hangout outside of school that much because Claudia's parents are very strict and don't let her go out much. But we would talk all the time during school and text all the time, when she had a phone. She was my best friend, I trusted her and I loved her because she was my best friend.

Eventually, Claudia started caring more about attention from other people, especially boys, especially boys on the football team, than our friendship or any of her other friends. Claudia would do what she can to get attention from the football team even if it meant hurting me or her other friends. Claudia would skip class all the time to hangout with one football player who is a senior. She would always skip class and she would never do her homework because she wanted attention from this boy. I tired to help her realize that her education should be more important than attention from boys, but she ignored me and kept skipping class all the time. The more she would skip class, her grades went down more. Not only was she skipping class, she was skipping her gymnastics practice or showing up late to practice, her coaches got mad at her and she was suspended from the team and she got mad when she couldn't compete but it was her own actions that did this to her. But I tired to save our friendship and I tried to help her, but she refused. Claudia was going behind her parents back and doing things her parents didn't want her to. Claudia's parents took her out of Central and made her finish the year on online school. At this point we were not friends anymore. We both hated each other so much. Later her family moved to St Peter, MN. Once her family moved an hour away we started talking again. Once we started talking again I slowly stopped hating her, and she didn't hate me anymore besucase she realized what she did and she regrets what she did. On the weekends Claudia comes to St Paul because she has diving practice here, a couple times we have hung out and gotten food or something. We are working our way back to being good friends again.

Claudia has made my life crazy. She made me so mad because she ruined our friendship because she wanted attention. She also made me happy because she was my best friend. Now that we are becoming friends again, I hope that neither of us will do anything to jeopardize our friendship because we both have already been on a difficult rollercoaster and we don't need to go on another one.

This podcast is about losing someone you love and it connects to my story because even though she didn't die I didn't have her in my life anymore and it was hard.

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