Dante Alighieri The divine poet

Dante's birth date is not known exactly, but usually is indicated around 1265. He was born in Florence.

It is considered the father of the Italian language; his fame is due predominantly to the authorship of the comedia, became famous as the Divine Comedy and universally considered the greatest work written in Italian, and one of the greatest masterpieces of world literature language . Expression of medieval culture, filtered through the lyric of Dolce stil novo, the Comedy is an allegorical vehicle of human salvation, which led to touch the dramas of the damned, the purgatorial pains and the celestial glories, allowing Dante to offer the reader a moral and ethical insight.

"The love for the beautiful maiden of blood cloth wrapped, he called Beatrice, has tutt'i characters of a first youthful love, in its purity , more in the imagination than in the heart. Beatrice is more like a dream, a phantom, a heavenly ideal that a distinct reality and procures proprii effects. A look, a greeting is the whole story of this love. Beatrice died angel, before he was a woman, and the love he had no time to become a passion, as we say today, remained a dream and a sigh. ยป

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