The Gender Pay Gap And how to close it BY: Connor Wolf

Women today are working as hard and the same amount of hours as men are are not being paid equally as much. According to the United Nations Articles of Human rights this issue goes against article 23 which states that all people should be paid the same amount as other co-workers for doing the same job. Also the wage gap is against The Equal Pay Act of 1963 which was meant to abolish the wage gap. US. women on average are making only 79 cents for every dollar a man makes for doing the same amount of work ( Also the wage gap does not get any better with age. As women get older the wage gap increases. The gap from ages 15-24 for a year's salary is $4,373 and from ages 45-64 the gap is $15,404 ( Also the gap just doesn't stop at wages. Women are less likely to get health care and paid leave ( This issue is occurring everywhere from office jobs to the world of sports and women are tired of it and are ready to take a stand.

The US. Women's soccer team has been successful in recent years by winning the World Cup and many other soccer events. But, the women are not being payed nearly as much as the men when they have been far more successful. Five players from the team filed a lawsuit against the US soccer federation for federal wage discrimination. The Five players from the team got many people to think and question why aren't women being payed equal to men for the same amount of work. The only downfall to this lawsuit is that it is going to take a while to be ruled. As of today no changes have been made to the players salaries. Also US Soccer isn't a private franchise such as the teams in the MLS. The Women's team is funded by the federal Government and they have to get approval to raise their salaries.This is just one example of how people are taking a stand to the wage gap, but we need everyone to get involved.

There are many steps we can take today to close the wage gap. First we live in an era of technology and social networks. Social Networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook would be great ways to get the word out and speak against the wage gap. For example a way to spread the news on a social network would be to use a hashtag such as #Closethegap on posts so that people that used the hashtag can see what other people have to say about the issue. Second the minimum wage should be raised. A main factor of the gap is because many women are working minimum wage jobs. If the minimum is increased this will lower the percentage by a great amount. These are just a few ways you could get involved in trying to fight the wage gap. Go and make a difference today!

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