Chihuahua my cultural identity By: ANThony duran

My definition of cultural identity is being known for what your culture is, your race, religion, ethnicity.

The ethnicity I mostly identify myself as is Mexican. I say Mexican because I know forsure both sides of my family have a Mexican background.

Both of my parents were born in East L.A, but my grandma from my mom's side of the family was born in a city in Mexico know as Chihuahua. My grandma from my Dad's side was born & raised in El Paso Texas, but I don't know when her family moved from Mexico to the US so I will be talking more about the culture in Chihuahua.

Although I'm not fluent in it, in my culture Spanish is our main language. Even though everyone speaks English, it was the language we picked up later on as we grew older. However, both mine & my parents generation it was flipped when it came to that, Spanish is our second.

In my culture there are many different physical traits when it comes to our people. We have a little bit of everything, tall, short, skinny, thin. Even in skin color, some people are lighter then others while other people are darker. There's no real way to define what a "Mexican" looks like.

Stews are a common food in the culture of Chihuahua. They are prepared with vegetables, potatoes, beans, corns, wheats, chickpeas, & several different types of chilies. Having meats combined with these stews make delicious dishes such as; picadillo, calillo, cocido and many different other stews. Other than the stews, the vegetables, fruits and many more types of food are eaten dry.

In Chihuahua, art is something that's big & plays great importance there, as it gives the city it's beautiful personality. The material commonly used to make these arts are clay, adobe & unique handmade textiles. A lot of these art pieces are muruals & clay pots. They usually just show a little bit everything, from faces of the people of the town, to random animals that roam the lands.

The music in Chihuahua has been included a lot by Polka music & customs from Eastern Europe. Polka was originally a Czech dance, that originated in the 19th century & has been passed through Europe & the Americas over time. The accordion, bass guitar, and drums are some of the instruments that are used for Polka music.

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