Adobe Analytics for Audio To Truly Understand a Listeners Streaming Audio Experience

Media publishers that have a need to measure audio on streaming music services, audiobooks, and podcasts to uncover the full customer journey, both online and offline, require an out of the box solution that Adobe Analytics for Audio will provide.

Audio Analytics enables customers to measure audio events in 10s intervals, for both content and ads, to better establish audience ratings and reach, customer characteristics and behaviors, and their audio interests to make better recommendations and programming decisions to more effectively monetize their content.

Benefits of Audio Analytics

  • Quantify your audio successes and failures with historical trending, same day concurrent listeners, conditional formatting, and customizable charts to see your audio high and low performers
  • Validate your audio experience data for guaranteed quality assurance with customer journey data and quality of service measures such as stall events, error events, bitrate changes, average buffer duration and more.
  • Monetize your audio streams with ad delivery to allow for better forecasting and monetization opportunities to control frequency and ensure your delivering a personalized message at the right time and the right location.
  • Monitor trends and anomalies in delivery with advanced anomaly detection and machine learning through our unique Adobe Sensei offering, to evaluate trends and be alerted against audience goals in near real-time.
Use Cases for Audio Analytics

Streaming audio analytics can cover multiple scenarios for listeners consumption, including opportunities like:

  • Enabling a streaming music provider to understand which songs to play next and recommend, vs. which ones are not popular or skipped.
  • Allow publishers to monitor their subscribers to see which stations they like best and to recommend new stations based on their listening habits.
  • Allow music producers to measure their activity across streaming providers, to federate data and understand how much their artists have earned.
  • Pick up traits in audiobooks consumed and look at lookalike modeling to make better recommendations for their next book to listen to, based on time, location, and mood characteristics.
  • Understand which podcast is trending and producing popular content, listened to in the shortest period of time through binge-listening and resulting in repeat listeners coming back again and again.

Features of Audio Analytics

  • Audio SDK and API tracking support w/ 10s heartbeat measurement.
  • Audience Analytics integration that will allow you to pull in demographic data and layer on to listeners exposure data.
  • Analysis Workspace audio consumption template to focus on audio specific KPI’s and listener engagement.
  • Audio Federated Analytics to share and receive audio data between two Adobe Analytics clients.
  • Downloaded audio content to measure more touch-points including audio assets that are downloaded to a users device.
  • New audio calculated metrics and dimensions to truly understand a listeners experience.
  • Audio consumption across multiple devices including cars, home voice devices, & more.
Audio Reporting

Audio Consumption Template

  • Trend Audio consumption for media comparisons across content or categories
  • Effectively measure UV’s with an audio start and time spent using people metrics
  • Review the top 5 pieces of content at a glance for the current week, month, or previous week
  • Analyze all of your content delivery by device, player state and country
  • Monitor where fall-out is occurring during playback, due to errors, drops, etc.

Adobe Analytics for Audio for each User Role

Executives: Deliver and exceed quarterly revenue earnings expectations by investing in content that is delivering above average, monetizing that content proactively, adding more subscribers and keeping customers engaged longer and coming back more often through the insights gained from Adobe Analytics for streaming audio.

Analysts: Surface areas of opportunity to product and upper management more quickly and efficiently to enable real-time actioning for ad monetization, recommendations and distribution deals with popular content, and surfacing on social channels to drive more users visits and engagement with Adobe Analytics for streaming audio.

Developers: Troubleshoot live errors and disruptions in playback to provide reporting to management on how decreased errors, buffering time, stalls, and decreased time to start have helped in retaining longer engagement time for individual users on average and more content being consumed on average compared to previous months with Adobe Analytics for streaming audio.

Marketers: Prove the ROI stemming from marketing campaigns that took advantage of promoting the most popular content with the highest completion rates that delivered the most subscriber views and ad completes for higher advertising revenue. Use attribution to show management how successful ad campaigns have led to increased subscribers and sign-ups based on campaign exposure with Adobe Analytics for streaming audio.

For questions on Audio Analytics, please reach out to your Account Manager


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