Andy Potts Racing Camp DAy 1 in Review

After breakfast, the day started with a nice sunny, warm, amazingly dry ride of about 43 miles exploring Dove Mountain and the NE part of Tucson.

The chatting subsided as we got 'to work'. Our workout was:

WU: 35 minute steady build

4 x 7 minutes at 60% of threshold / 70% of threshold / 80% of threshold / 90% of thereshold

followed by, 3 x 5 minutes at 80% of threshold / 70% of threshold, 60% of threshold

Everyone was working hard, even on of our infamous ride leaders!

and while some of it looked like it was going be all uphill...

Everyone tried to stay together and encourage each other along and....

and most importantly, there was no shortage of smiles.

And more smiles

Off the bike, it was time for a trail run on a nice soft surface, just to loosen the legs up a bit.

and there is nothing like a husband and wife who run together (Kristen and Andrew)

and someone who loves to smile :)

And finally, it was off to the pool where the team went through Andy's stretch cord routine and a few other dry land drills

Andy hopped in and showed everyone what a high elbow really means and stressed 'keep your fingertips down always'

And then he showed everyone what he meant... Pretty easy right?

Then Coach Andy hopped on deck to watch as the swimmers went through their drills and workouts

And then pull people out to get some personal attention. Or just play the 'slaps game'

I think everyone had fun; what should we do for Day 2
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Andy Potts


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