My Spark Dani basina

Life can be sometimes pleasant and sometimes your biggest enemy, but never is it easy. As someone who has recently joined adulthood, I sometimes really want to go back. No, really, please. Very often, facing the downs of all the responsibilities I want my major ones to be my Barbie dolls again. I want my worst waste of time to the time I spent not having fun, and I want the only time my parents told me it's time to go home. But those times are over. And if you are there, folks fasten your seatbelts - they are not coming back. But this is not necessarily bad! It is just a new angle of observing life.

Please excuse my manners, my name is Dani. I am 22 and am just about the graduate bachelors. I know, exciting, right? Were these the most stressful year of my life? Hell, yes! Is another year of master's awaiting me? You bet I hope so! What I am about to share will not help the people who have their life together. Actually, if you are one, stop reading and drop me a text about how you did it. I want to know! It helps you who have no idea what can happen tomorrow. You, who sometimes fall asleep with tears in your eyes. You, who doubts themselves, but proves it wrong and fights. You, who want a change, but don't know how to start. You, who hates changes. You all, who wish for better, and you all, who want no more. I have a point I promise!

Life is hard! Nobody signed up for this, but we have started and there is no going back. Uni is hard too. Work is hard. Family issues are hard. Relations, in general, are hard. This is why I became a part of the Seekers. Don't get me wrong, I have not cracked the code, I don't know how to make it all easy! But finding a spark to keep you going is an option, helping you and keeping you going.

One of the main things that keep me going is my stubbornness. Not in a negative way, of course. Every time I want to give up on progress, my stubbornness wakes a spark in me and the feeling of abandoning my achievements goes away.

I have had many ups and downs, especially at uni. So many sleepless nights have passed, days full of tears from fear of failure. But remember, it is very important to communicate with people around you. No matter if you are happy or sad, always share. This is my most important spark! Communication.

Not always everyone will be able to help with your problem, maybe they have overcome something similar, maybe they have not, you can't judge them on this. Always have friends that will at least try! All you have to do is just talk. Why you would ask? Because saying your problems out loud to someone makes them sound less scary. It gives you the power to think them over better, and if the one you are sharing with can give you advice even better because then you have another point of view. It will probably be different and will encourage you to look from another perspective.

So these are my two main sparks - be stubborn and talk to people! And don't forget to be nice to each other!


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