Fernanda's Goals Project English 2 period 2

My Semester Goal

Studying and homework will be my main priorities.

I will end the year with at least 4 A's and 2 B's. I will do this by making sure I complete as much work as I can in all of my classes and finishing the rest at home along with my homework. I will also behave well in class by sitting quietly and finishing any assignment that are given to me. Also, I will know exactly when any tests will be given and study for any upcoming tests at least three days before they are given.

My English Class Goal

  • I will use my time wisely.
  • I will study for any upcoming tests at least three days before they are given.
  • I will finish any unfinished work for homework.
  • I will check my grade whenever I can.
  • I will earn an A.

My High School Goal

  • I will finally join cheer again.
  • I will be in advanced dance by my junior year.
  • I will end my senior year with at least 4 A's and 2 B's.
  • I will keep my grades up during all 4 years and all semesters.
  • I will get a job during my sophomore year.
  • I will have a car by my senior year.

My After High School Goal

I will graduate high school with an advanced diploma and then I will apply to ASU. I will earn my degree is Psychology and eventually be a professional child psychologist. If possible, I will also work in the cosmetology industry as well. By the time I graduate college, I will start to save for my own apartment.

My Personal Growth Goal

I will learn to become a more positive person and to always see the bright side of things. I will also be as kind as I can to everybody and learn to manage my temper. If someone upsets me, I will ignore it and move on with my life. I will also speak more calmly when i'm angry and teach myself to calm down whenever I feel the need to yell at all. I will also work on my self esteem by not comparing myself to anyone else anymore. One day I also wish to become a wise old lady with good advice to give.

Hopefully one day I will be as joyful as this baby.


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