Coach V.'s Ideal Cottage By: Yuval Frankel

In this project I was tasked to design, create a 3D model of, calculate the costs of making the ideal cottage for Coach V. First, I had to design the cottage on paper, I had to draw a design for a bird's eye view, a side view, and a front view. The papers needed to be drawn by hand and contain the measurements of the cottage. In addition, the cottage needed to have at least one master bedroom, a guest bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom, but in my case, I ended up doubling the amount of guest bedrooms and added an inner courtyard.

The bird's eye view
The side view
The front view

After I designed the cottage, it was time to start creating the 3D model. The 3D model was created using TinkerCAD and had to be in proportion with the measurement on the papers as well as contain all the walls that have been drawn.

3D bird's eye view
3D front view
3D side view

After creating the 3D model, it was required to calculate how much it would to paint, put shingles on the roof of, and heat the cottage during the winter months. Calculating the painting cost was done with only the information of how much one can of paint covers and how much it costs, one can of paint covered 40 meters squared and costed 20 per can. The amount of money it would cost to put the shingles up on the roof was done using the information of how much one pack of shingles costs and how many meters squared it covered, 90 being how much it would cost for one pack and 10 meters squared as how much it would cover. Finally, heating was calculated with the information that to heat 1 cubic meter costs 1.5 per month, additionally, in my case, I did not add in the heating cost of the roof.

First of all, I did the calculations for the paint by measuring how big my exterior walls were. After figuring that out, I divided this number by how much one can of paint covers, and multiply the result by the cost for one can of paint.

  • 140(area of the walls)/40(how much one can cover=3.5
  • 3.5*20(cost for a can of paint)=70
  • Paint=70

Secondly, the calculated the amount of money it would cost to put shingles on the roof. First, I calculated the surface area of the roof, but I had a missing side that I had to find, so I used the Pythagorean theorem to figure it out. After, I divided the number by ten representing how many square meters one bundle of shingles takes up. And finally, I multiplied the result of that by how much a bundle costs

  • a^2+b^2=c^2
  • 1^2+3^2=c^2
  • 1+9=c^2
  • c=sqrt(10)=3.3333...
  • 3.333...*10=33.333...
  • 33.333...*2=66.666...
  • SA=66.666...+(4*10)=106.666...
  • 106.666.../10=10.666...
  • 10.666...*90=960
  • Shingles=960

I calculated the heating cost by taking the volume of the inside of the house, and then multiplied it by the cost to heat a single cubic meter. And since Coach V wants the cottage to be heated for the three winter months, I had to multiply the result by three.

  • L*W*H
  • 10*10*3.5=350
  • 350*1.5=525
  • 525*3=1,575
  • Heating= 1,575

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