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Committed to modeling teaching, learning, and leadership and to supporting colleagues in order to provide all students with access to mathematics.


Our schools and districts engage students in mathematics that is rigorous, creative, engaging, and fun. Math classrooms model focus, coherence, and rigor, and rigor is a visible balance of conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and problem solving. All students access tasks that are worth discussing, where the answer is less interesting than the solution pathways and connections between them. Students use technology to do what computers do better than humans and are themselves involved in the critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration at which humans excel.


  • All students, regardless of race, gender, language, and socioeconomic status, can learn math at high levels
  • All teachers can engage math learners effectively
  • A quality K-12 math education is critical for college and careers readiness and for the ongoing strength of our economy and society


  • Support teachers in developing a classroom culture where the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs) are evident
  • Deepen teachers content knowledge, especially related to conceptual understanding
  • Engage teachers with effective use of technology as measured by the SAMR model
  • See student outcomes in mathematics increase as measured by assessments, graduation rates, and college entrance and completion rates.

Implementation plan

Desmos 101: More than a Calculator

Audience: 6-12 math teachers, supervisors, and coaches

Course Goals:

  • Gain proficiency with the Desmos online graphing calculator
  • Experience instructional routines that meaningfully integrate Desmos technology during math instruction

Date: 26 September 2017

This day-long session will model the effective integration of Desmos into mathematics instruction. Participants will engage hands-on with the tools modeled and will plan implementation into their own classrooms.

This session will be designed collaboratively by the math team here at SCOE.


Photos by Carolyn Viss

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