This presentation will show pictures and diagrams to explain the process of Photosynthesis and Respiration.


In this diagram it shows how the "reactants" are absorbed by the plant. Light energy is absorbed from the sun and water is absorbed from the ground into the roots. Carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere by the stoma.


This diagram shows the chemical reaction occurring in the leaf of the plant. The water and carbon dioxide are used in the chemical reaction while the light energy is used differently. The light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll in the chloroplast and then is called ATP or stored energy which is used in the reaction.


After the chemical reaction occurs, the product is a sugar that the plant uses to grow called glucose. It saves the glucose and the waste being released is oxygen.


This diagram shows what part of the atom Respiration occurs and as it is shown, it occurs in the mitochondria.


In the mitochondria a chemical reaction happens where the glucose and oxygen form together to make carbon dioxide and water which is energy for the cells of the plant.


This is just a little examples to explain what happens in the reaction. The oxygen is used to break down the glucose into energy and then the energy is saved and used to power the plant and all of the things it needs to do to live.

Extra Diagrams

Here is some extra diagrams to show a even more deep understanding of Photosynthesis and Respiration.


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