Heather's Story It had been a rough year for Heather, her husband, and their two sons.

First, Hurricane Irma damaged their mobile home, and leaks and moisture led to mildew throughout the home.

Then, baby Isaias was born with Edwards Syndome - a rare chromosomal condition that makes children particularly vulnerable to infections. Only 10% born with the condition survive to age 10.

Unable to return to a mold-infested home with fragile little Isaias, Heather and her family moved into a temporary hospital lodge. Her husband continued to commute to work each day while Heather and her older son, Jonah, stayed close to the baby and doctors.

Baby Isaias needs a lot of care.

They had very little money, but they knew they had to move. The family was finally able to scrape together savings to move into a new place, but had no money left over for beds or essential furniture - their old furniture was too mildewed to keep.

Thanks to donations from people like you, Sweet Dream Makers was able to provide them with new beds and bedding. Jonah even got to pick out a comforter with his favorite cartoon characters, the Avengers!

Older brother Jonah loves Captain America.

And Isaias was given a brand new crib with beautiful bedding and furniture to help organize the equipment and materials necessary for his medical care.

Isaias finally gets to go home!!

Through our Warehouse of gently-used furniture, the family also received a dining table and chairs, living room items, and dressers.

Jonah at Sweet Dream Makers' Warehouse.

Amazingly enough, Heather and her family were assisted in their move by another recipient of Sweet Dream Makers: Andre, a man whose family we helped just last year.

“You were a blessing to my family and I am happy to bless others,” Andre said.

This is Andre and his family at Sweet Dream Makers' Warehouse picking out furniture for their home last year.

“Sweet Dream Makers was such an enormous help to our family in a great time of need. Our home was destroyed by the storm and Mrs. Suzanne helped furnish our new home. New crib and bedding for my baby Isaias, new twin bed for my 3-year-old Jonah with his favorite bedding. He sleeps with a smile every night. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do, Sweet Dream Makers!” - Heather

Your donation to Sweet Dream Makers helps nearly 2,000 families like Heather’s each year in Palm Beach County. Please make a gift today to help more families in need sleep in beds of their own tonight and for years to come!
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