Love the Summer MIW First Grade Concert

Performed by the students of Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Burke, and Mrs. Lyon

Directed by Jennifer Caton and Accompanied by Martha Smith

You may use your phone for photos/videos, but please be sure they are on silent!

Enjoy the Concert!

Anything Can Happen in a Fairytale - by Mark Burrows

Nothing says summer like building a sand castle at the beach. Kids love to use their imaginations and fairytales have it all: interesting characters, adventure, and a little mystery! This song takes many of the fairytales children know and mashes them together!

Out My Window - by Teresa Jennings

Our focus for Out My Window is on using a light singing voice and holding a note for a longer number of beats. This is good practice for watching the conductor to see when you should stop singing.

Humuhumnukunukuapua'a - by Karl Hitzmann

Speaking solos by Anna, Derek, George and Louisa

The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a is Hawaii's state fish

I Can Sing a Rainbow - by Arthur Hamilton

ASL performed by Anna, Daly and Remy

Love the Summer - by Teresa Jennings and John Riggio

This fun 50's inspired song is just what we need to get in the mood for summer! This song allowed us to discuss patterns in music including verse and chorus.

A BIG thank you to...

the First Grade teachers for their support and flexibility,

the custodial staff for helping with set-up and clean-up and working around our rehearsals,

Martha Smith for volunteering her time to play for us during rehearsals and concerts,

Mrs. Robbins for supporting our students and music program,

and all of you for being here tonight!


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