Manifest Destiny Pages 345-367

Rivalry in the Northwest

1. In the early 1800's four nations claimed the vast rugged land known as Oregon Country. 2.The Oregon Country was a large area located north of California.

Adams-Onis Treaty

2. In 1819 secretary of state John Quincy Adams got Spain to approve the Adams-Onis Treaty. When Adams became president 1825 he proposed the two nations divide Oregon along the 49 degrees line of latitude.

Mountain Men in Oregon

3. At first the fur merchants traded with the Native Americans. Over time he mountain men could no longer make a living by trapping. Over trapping made the number of pelts available.
What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty?
We gained land that is now Oregon and access to the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon and the Manifest Destiny

5. In the 1830's Americans begun traveling to settle in the Oregon Country. Economic troubles in the East were occurring at the time

Along the Oregon Trail

.6 In 1843 about a thousand emigrants made the 2000 mile journey of the Oregon Trail. They followed the trail over the mountain and through the woods to Oregon Country they go.

America seeks its Manifest Destiny

7. In the 1800's the vision of freedom and democracy changed. In 1819 John Quincy Adams expressed what many Americans were thinking.

Fifty-four Forty Fight

8. Many Americans wanted Oregon to become apart of the U.S. In 1844 presidential election, James K. Polk (Democratic nominee) supported the desire and used the slogan 54-40 or fight.
How did Polk's views differ from Clay's in the 1844 election?
Clay did not want Oregon to become part of the United States.

Statehood of Florida and Texas

1. President John Tyler signed the Florida statehood. Texas pretty much captured Mexico to become Texas.
How did Florida become a state?
President John Tyler signed the statehood of Florida.


2. Not counting Native Americans fewer then 8,000 people lived in the Florida territory area. People in Georgia, Virginia, and Carolina s left to live in Florida of plantations.

The Territory Grows

3. In 1837 more than 48,000 thousand people lived in the territory. Florida voters chose 56 people to attend the constitutional convention

Statehood for Florida

4. President John Tyler signed the Florida statehood. Florida became the twenty-seventh state in the U.S.
What caused the population to grow?
People from different states moved there for land to plantations.


5. Tension started to grow when the Americans would not follow rules from Mexico.

The Alamo

6. They only had 180 soldiers to take the land. Davy Crockett, and Jim Bowie were the leaders.

Texas Declares its Independance

7. On March 2, 1836 four days before the fall of the Alamo they declared Independence.

The Lone Star Republic

8. September 1836 Texans elected Same Houston as their president. Andrew Jackson refused the request.

Texas becomes a State

Why did it take a lion time for the U. S. to annex Texas?
Because of the debate between Oregon and Texas.

War with Mexico

How did the Santa Fe Trail benefit the New Mexico Territory?

The New Mexico Territory

1. New Mexico is between Texas and Cali. New Mexico got its independence from Spain in 1821
How did William Becknell influence the American settlement of New Mexico?
Becknell mad a trade route and Americans settled there.

Califorina's Spanish Culture

2. Spanish explorers settled in California in the 1700's. Some settled and Spanish was there.

Conflict Begins

3. James K. Polk wanted to get Cali and New Mexico from Mexico.

A War Plan

4. Polk wanted to drive Mexico out of California. Zachary (Nach'1s) accomplished that goal.

California Uprising

Peace Terms

5. They were Defeated on Feb 2, 1848

California and Utah

How did the discovery of gold help California?
They threw away every thing and just went for gold.

California Gold Rush

1. The farmers quit every thin. The people that settled in 1849 were the 49er's.

The Califorinos

The Life of a Forty-Niner

2. The Forty-Niners lived a life of gold. They panned in rivers for gold.

Gold Rush Society

3. Many of the men in their free hours were fighting, drinking, and gambling. "The Police" were vigilantes.

Economic and Political Progress

4.Gold Rush kept in effect for a while and agriculture, and marketing grew.
How did the California gold rush lead to the expansion of cities?
Agriculture, shipping, and trade grew to meet the demand for food and other resources.

A Religious Refuge in Utah

5.Mormons and Saints were building new communities.

The Mormons Move On

6. The Mormons published a "The Book of Mormon" in the 1830's. They suffered persecution.

A Heaven in the Desert

7. The Mormons had the largest migration of about 12,000. In 1860 there many of Mormon cities.
Why did the Mormons have to keep moving from one place to another?
To find Religious freedom


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