The Vietnamese Higher Education Problem identification: The poor access to career counseling colleges provide for students

The problem with the Vietnamese higher education is that it does not provide college students with sufficient access to career counseling.

Reason? The Vietnamese government considers academic acquisition as the top priority of students.

As a result, chances for students to career counseling are limited.

"Pieta House Press Pack - Joan Freeman, CEO Pieta House - Pieta House (12 of 28)" - Joe Houghton

However, the Vietnamese government is wrong to exclude career counseling from the educational spectrum of students.

"Wrong Way" - KungPaoCajun

First and foremost, career counseling determines a student's job satisfaction.

Because a student stays in a career for a long period of time, a career choice holds the key to his or her long-term job satisfaction.

Second of all, career counseling affects a student' success at modern workplace.

To succeed in today's workplace, students need to possess not only specialized knowledge concerning their jobs, but also soft skills to adapt to the flexibility and the diversity of modern work world.

The job market is competitive now more than ever; hence, success for a student after graduation boils down to his or her competency and knowledge beyond the span of books and classrooms.

In order to fix this, Vietnamese colleges need to include more of both curricular and extracurricular programs that help students with career exploration and planning.


  • Picture "Pieta House Press Pack - Joan Freeman, CEO Pieta House - Pieta House (12 of 28)" taken by Joe Houghton is from Flickr.
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