Saving our animals and water By molly ricke

I have a dream, that one day we will all care about the world, that we will not cut so many trees down, that we will care about animals going extinct. I have a dream that we will stop hunting all the animals, that we will stop treating animals like they are just our next meal. I want this world not to be polluted in 50 years or even in the next 10. I want us to start thinking about the future for our furry friends and our plants. Think about the land, if we have no trees we have more air pollution. If we have no plants we don’t have oxygen, and if we don't have oxygen then we won't be living.
Animals are very important to our environment, if you ever look at a food chain we are at the top, not because we are the strongest or most intelligent but because we are killing most animals. If you were to look at when pandas were going extinct they would tell you that they became on the extinct chart between 1994-2008. We have done a lot to get the pandas off that chart and in 2016 they found 1,864 pandas in the wild so that means we raised the panda population 17%. Think about how we could do that for all animals going extinct. Of course we may never be able to bring back animals that already have gone extinct but we can help the ones that haven't.
You might be thinking “We have to eat something?”. I am not saying that we can't eat steak, hamburgers, or bacon I am just saying that we are mistreating animals by taking them and just killing them whenever we want. We are animals to if we were taken by a cow and being whipped, beaten, and treated bad we would be mad at them but we can't speak their language so someone has to stand up for them. If you have even semi looked at the news you would see that whales and dolphins are filled with plastic bags and cans. Someone could say well they ate it that's not my fault, but it is because we are polluting our water.
What are we going to say when that next generation looks at a cheetah and says what is this, we will have to say that they are extinct because we couldn’t throw your cans away or that we ate all their food. We need to start thinking of others and not what our next meal is going to be. Let's change the chains of discrimination of animals and the homes.

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