Culture Summit 2016 Spearhead of Design: Emily Thomas

The Culture Summit 2016 theme was "A Day in Cultureland" based off the movie Alice in Wonderland. The theme was carried out with bright colors and geometric shapes. Incorporating the cards, falling items, roses and the white rabbit's watch in a subtle way that would make the attendees think.

The opening staircase was filled with frames of falling technology. The technology went from new technology (iPads and Fitbits) to old technology (Game Boy Color). This will symbolize the attendees going back to their childhood and being able to find their inner kid throughout the day.
This piece was created to prove that there is no "I" in team. Everyone is needed to build a good culture and this exemplifies that every rose that was added to the wall helped create the logo.
By the end of the conference, The Culture Summit logo was almost complete. Some roses were misplaced, but who says culture has to be perfect?
Over the span of four days, 350 paper roses were cut rolled and glued together to complement the main wall.
Hundreds of Post-It notes were hand placed to create this piece. The meaning behind this was to get attendees to communicate and get involved.
Attendees were encouraged to grab a sharpie and share their thoughts of what they think it's time for. Some examples of shared ideas were, "hope," "culture" and "change."
Yarn lanterns were hung over the registration desk to give a whimsical, yet geometric feel to registration and breakfast. The lanterns pulled together the theme by symbolizing the lanterns from the Mad Tea Party.
To represent the cards from AIW, Poster frames were filled with falling card posters and hung to look like they were leaning towards attendees as they used the staircase. The two middle cards represented the Culture Summit kings and queens and included all names on the attendees list.
The photo booth included the consistent geometric and colorful pattern seen throughout the event. A whiteboard was available for attendees to share what their idea of culture.
Shirts were created for all staff and volunteers for the event with the motto "there's no 'I' in team, but there's a 'U' in culture."
Snapchat filter that was available during the event.
Social media wall was consistently updated throughout the event.


Front of program
Inside of program
Back side of program
Inserts inside program
Mock up of the concept behind the speaker posters. Made for the programs and as gifts for the speakers. Each speaker's photo was transformed into a geometric masterpiece.
The activity table included cards and pins that encouraged conversation between attendees.
Attendees were able to pick any suit they wanted.
Activity cards for all suits.
Attendees faces were photoshopped to fit into these templates and emailed out as a party favor from the MTCA team.
Projection screen wallpaper.

Culture Summit 2016 was a successful conference filled with great people and even greater culture. I hope you enjoyed the design work of my team at MTCA.

Created By
Emily Thomas

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