"Watch over the girls" (61)

This is significant because Denny is trusting Enzo to watch over the girls. This shows that Denny loves his family and doesn't want them to miss him as much if they have Enzo as company. Enzo is able to watch over the girls by protecting them, playing with them, and just being there for them.

"People, like dogs, love repetition" (79)

This is significant because us people and dogs do things over and over again to learn and be taught. It is important for us to learn things that we would eventually use in our daily lives. Having a dog means you're going to have to train it, and that takes time and skill because you're teaching them how to do things they aren't use to. So you do it over and over until they get it.

"I am ready" (82)

This is significant because Enzo wants to die to become a man in his new life. I think that he is ready to die because he served his time here on Earth and he is getting old, no longer able to pick himself up. So if he dies and becomes a man he will have a new life being able to speak out and be heard.

"Your car goes where your eyes go" (78)

This is significant because if your eyes are looking somewhere else like your phone then you will most likely crash or something terrible will happen. But it could also mean to keep in control of the wheel because if you let go your life will be a mess and so will that wreck. For Denny he has to pay attention to the track or he will end up injured or in a wreck.

"I was not always included, being a dog" (89)

This is significant because Enzo feels lonely and left out when he is not able to do the things that his family is doing. Some things/ places aren't meant for dogs and aren't meant for them to be at. When Eve was at the hospital Enzo wasn't able to go in because he was a dog.

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