Movie Land Hakuna Matata

Vision Statment

We will always be adventurous and creative and never forget to have fun, but have an organized education.


Community rules

  1. Have to watch one movie a day with your family
  2. Funerals have to have rain
  3. Every time you enter something scary , creepy music plays
  4. If you start dancing or sining anywhere everyone must join
  5. You have to work out three times a week
  6. Whenever you have a nightmare jolt up 90 degrees from your bed
  7. you have to dress up as a character from a movie every friday and go watch that movie
  8. if you watch a movie that has a book you have to read the book too
  9. you have to got to school and be educated
  10. school is 6hrs a day everyday except weekends


It will be located in Hollywood because, so many movies were directed there. It gives you the perfect feeling of being in a movie. Hollywood also give you opportunities for young actors to pursue their dreams. Holly wood is the place where it all began

Daily Schedule

  • 6:00 am- wake up and get ready for school
  • 8:00 am- 2:00pm- school
  • 2:45- walk/drive home while singing and dancing
  • 3:00- go to a funeral while it rains
  • 4:00- go back home and work out
  • 5:00- do homewok
  • 6:00- dinner with your family
  • 7:00-make popcorn and watch movie with your family
  • 8:00- get ready for bed
  • 9:00- go to bed
  • 12:00- have a nightmare

Type of government

Democracy, because it would be the best type of government because we didn't want to have crazy laws,and the people would have a say

Persuasive appeal

You would have a healthy balance of going to school but also having fun. You could live a life of the feeling of being literally in a movie. You won't just be lazy and watch movies all day, but you will be able to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.


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