The Pink Mustangs By: Kyli

The Pink Mustangs

Wow, who knew that building a bot is fun! My name is Kyli, and my partner’s name is Sydney. Out Bot is very cool, we named are Bot The Pink Mustangs because Pink is the color of our Bot and Mustangs is are name of our school. The Pink Mustangs is; fast, strong, and steady.

The Pink Mustangs is fast because how fast and strong you push is how fast it goes so if you push fast and strong it will go super fast like lightning macqueen. It can go faster than everyone else's Bot. The Pink Mustangs is faster than a remote control car/Bot. Also our Bot has a cart with 5 to 6 inch wheels.

The pink mustangs is awesome because it is strong. It is strong because it can hold up a lot of stuff. When you push it, the boxes don’t even fall off it moves faster even with them on the wheel cart. That's why it is stronger than your Bot. The Pink Mustangs has ability to go fast which makes it hard to beat. The Pink Mustangs strength is good for the BattleBot war just like us.

The Pink Mustangs is the coolest because it is steady. It is steady because when we taped the wheel cart to the cardboard piece. That had circles cut out of it we tried to take it off to see if it was steady and it was! Also it is also steady because it does not fall easily. So if you try to knock our Bot out sorry it won’t be easy to beat.

That's why The Pink Mustangs is fast, strong, and hard to beat. Also The Pink Mustangs is fast because it is cool! The Pink Mustangs is the best Bot in the class because it will beat yours. The Pink Mustangs has speed because how fast and strong it is. That’s why you should vote for us!

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