“To be a muse is to be a wonder in someone else's eyes, flaws and all.” ― L.H. Cosway
Ready to be #FearlesslyAuthentic?
Well, hello there!


My name is Agnes Fohn and I created True Muse as a love letter to you, yes YOU, the incredible and captivating woman reading these words.

I am here to empower you.

REAL TALK. You are a sensational woman! You have loved, laughed and lived and have so much more spark left in your life! Every inch of you is perfect the way it is, RIGHT NOW and your unique beauty and spirit should be immortalized! I am a firm believer in self love and relishing in your womanhood. Self love is SO important! However you choose to express what being a woman means to you, I will be there to capture and celebrate it with you!

Do you even realize how wildly enchanting you are? I mean, look at you! Seriously!!

Showing you how truly extraordinary you are while creating stunning art together is my passion, inspiration and privilege. I will be there every step of the way on your True Muse Boudoir journey to empower and inspire you! Whether you struggle with insecurity or have been confident your whole life, when you walk through my studio doors, you will become a #FearlesslyAuthentic True Muse. I will uncover the brilliance of you and bring it into the light!



A True Muse session may cause:
  • A dizzying disbelief at how stunning you actually are.
  • An instant burst of self love and appreciation.
  • Hot flashes when you see your images.
  • Lasting effects on mood and sensuality.



I am very lucky.

I grew up with parents that made sure I was always confident and proud to be a woman. They instilled a fierce sense of girl power within me, which has helped shape not only my life but my business as well. Still to this day, they encourage my art and cheer me on in all aspects of my life. I know I am blessed and feel so grateful for their wonderful support and empowerment that made me into the woman I am today. That is why it's so important to me to pay it forward and continue the love. I want to make sure that you KNOW what a positively breathtaking and exceptional woman you are!

But it isn't always that easy, is it?

Enter beauty magazines with unrealistic expectations of what a woman SHOULD look like, selfish or abusive lovers that strip us of our self worth, or that nasty little lie we keep telling ourselves about not being good enough. All of these things can be a firestorm for self doubt and insecurity. Having been through it myself, I am here to tell you that it's bullshit. All bullshit. YEP! I said it and I meant it!

But it doesn't have to be that way.

It's time to get rid of that negative energy and focus on how captivating you are, and how your uniqueness is what makes you truly beautiful! No one can be the fierce and fabulous woman that you are! Just by being yourself, you have created art in this world. Take that to heart, because it is the absolute truth! It's time for you to realize your self worth and liberate it!

You have earned this.

We as women tend to think of everyone else before we think of ourselves. We care deeply for our loved ones, oftentimes neglecting, or even worse, forgetting about the siren within. This is not healthy for the mind, body or soul. You can give yourself permission to love and celebrate the brilliant and sensual woman that you are! Hell, you DESERVE it!! I know you work hard enough for it! All you have to do is let me show you how artistically breathtaking you are!

The Tribe.

I am a firm believer in lifting up my fellow sisters! I think it is so important for women to stop competing against each other and embrace our beautiful differences. No one is better looking, more clever or has a better body than you! NO ONE. All of our bodies and brains and lips and eyes and hips and thighs are BEAUTIFUL!! I will scream it from the rooftops and you will always see it in my art! I create for you and because of you! You are a powerful and intriguing woman made up of so much beautiful complexity! We all are! And if we all supported one another and kicked society's version of "perfect" to the curb, IMAGINE the wonderful things we could accomplish together! On that empowered note, please come join me and my fellow #soulsisters over on our private *Ladies Only* True Muse #FearlesslyAuthentic Facebook Group! This is a great place to talk to past, present and future True Muses, win contests, see exclusive content, and empower the hell out of one another!!

Click here to join the fun: #FearlesslyAuthentic

Walking the walk.

My own experiences with Boudoir have been so inspiring and transformative. Below are some selections from 5 different boudoir shoots I've booked for myself in the past 2 years! I believe that this is something that every woman should do AT LEAST once, but in actuality at least once a year! Having an artistic reminder of how stunning you are at different points in your womanhood is truly the best gift to give yourself! Each of my photoshoots have made me see something special about myself that I would have never noticed on my own. I am so grateful to my talented colleagues for helping me appreciate myself without apology.

Here I am being #FearlesslyAuthentic
Lindsay Rae Photography
Lindsay Rae Photography
Kara Marie Boudoir
Natalie Kita - Boudoir, BOLDer
Beth Claire - Lost Highway Imaging

Let's get this girl party started!


Every session begins with an initial in-person, skype or email consult so we can get to know one another and talk about who you are and how you want to portray that during your session. I encourage you to use this time for questions and ideas! I love brainstorming and creating the most #FearlesslyAuthentic shoot possible tailored specifically to you!


After our consult, we'll work together to choose the best session for you and book your True Muse Boudoir Experience! Don’t forget that if you are planning a gift, please allow a 4-8 week window to have your shoot, reveal and products delivered, however we do offer great digital gifts while you're waiting for your swoon-worthy products! Need your stellar shoot and products sooner? I offer limited *last minute* photoshoots every month on select days and rush service for an additional fee! To book your experience, all I require from you is the session fee paid in full. We accept PayPal, PayPal Credit (no financing for 6 months), Checks and Cash. We also offer an Advance Reserve True Muse Boudoir Bank to help you pay over time towards your dream shoot and products at your own pace!


On the day of your session, we’ll sit and chat for a while, sip a glass of something lovely and listen to your favorite music! Whatever makes you the most happy and comfortable! While you are in the glam chair with one of our awesome expert professional stylists, I will give you a little peek at the products I offer. When your makeover is complete, we will get down to business with just you, me and my camera! It's incredible what magic we can create with just a few hours!


You are going to SLAY at your shoot! I will help you pose, coach expression and give you the best damn time I possibly can! I have been doing this for over 10 years and know how to work with all different kinds of women and body types! I will accentuate your assets and make them shine!


Here are a few before and after's of our super talented stylist's stunning work!


A few days after your True Muse Boudoir Experience, you'll be invited back to the studio for your in person reveal and ordering session! I will reveal your images on the big screen so that you can bask in all of your ravishing glory! You will have a chance to look at all of our products again and decide which ones make your heart go pitter-patter! All of the books, albums and wall art I offer are handcrafted with precision and come in a variety of cover and frame options! After you've decided on your art, we toast to you and the BADASS babe that you are!


I love when my Muses return to me and I am always happy to offer a special bonus for repeat True Muses! Every month I will offer a new incentive, so don't forget to inquire when coming back! I also have a killer referral program! If your friend books a session before or within 1 week after your shoot date, you both get a $100 print credit to spend towards artwork from your True Muse Experience! There is no limit to this offer, so the more friends that book, the more you can cash in with everything from wall art to albums to digital files! It's a win-win for all!


A closer look at our art process and post production

Beauty is an art.

Every woman is perfect the way she is, even if she cannot see it. Even the most genetically gifted celebrity supermodels have something they wish they could change or hide about their bodies. The idea behind hiring a professional artist to create your boudoir images is to show off your very best features with sincerity and heart. That is my art, and what I strive for in every single photograph I take of you. With years of experience in posing, angles, lenses, and lighting, I've found what works for others - and what will work for you, too. You are a phenomenal woman, and I am going to show you how phenomenal you really are!

What is post production?

Post-production is the artistic processing and retouching of the photographs after your photoshoot. I retouch all of our images to magazine quality, but with that being said, I offer 3 levels of retouching for you to choose from depending on if you prefer a lighter or heavier edit! I am able to remove blemishes, smooth skin, soften wrinkles, add toning and glow, and enhance your natural features through our artistic edits. Please note that I do not show unedited images. Each image shown to you at your reveal will include your preferred retouching and my signature artistic edit.

Magazine Quality Light Retouching
Magazine Quality Full Glam Retouching
Time to dress up!

I love to make you look your absolute best, so I encourage you to find outfits that flatter your best parts and excentuate your favorite features! I am happy to provide my advice and experience on what to wear before your session! When you book your experience with me, you will receive a boudoir fashion inspiration guide packed with unique and sexy styles to draw inspiration from as well as your own private Pinterest board on our True Muse Boudoir Pinterest page!


Finding your style.

Ahhhh, what ever shall I wear?! One of my most frequently asked questions, and one of my favorites to answer! What to wear depends entirely on you - what kind of look you envision for yourself, what genre or era you're trying to evoke, and most importantly, what makes you feel most authentically you?

Some clients prefer to bare it all - while others like to remain more conservatively covered. Any way you like it, I'll work with you to create art that capture you the best! Below are a few pointers to help you create the perfect looks to compliment your style and vision for your shoot!

Lingerie with interest.
  • A little black dress
  • Bodysuits
  • A soft sweater that can be pulled off the shoulder
  • Your favorite pair of jeans or cutoffs
  • Tanktops
  • Negligees
  • Corsets
  • Bralettes
  • Boy shorts
  • A simple textured bra and panty set
  • Robes

I love photographing you in anything - but unique, interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photos really pop! Velvet, tulle, and lace catch the light beautifully as well!

Color, pattern & texture.

Colorful accessories, shoes, jewelry, and lingerie can gives your images a really wonderful feel. Even a small touch of color, such as a scarf or anklet, among an otherwise muted pallete can add a lot of excitement and interest to the composition. If you're not sure what colors, patterns, and textures would go best with your hair and skin tones, just ask! I love making recommendations and talking about style with you!
Fashion choices.

Bringing multiple outfits is always a great idea! I suggest at least 3-6 for a good variety! You may not feel as comfortable in some than others, and you'll never know what looks absolutely fabulous until you're wearing it in front of the camera! Even an old band shirt or button down from the lover’s closet can look fierce as hell! At the shoot I will help you pick and choose the most flattering items from your collection, so bring it on!

Did someone say SHOES?!
Wall sculpture in painted steel by Los Angeles metal sculptor Bruce Gray.

Oh, and did we say more SHOES?! Shoes are truly an integral part of your images - they set a mood, express your personality, and can add touches of sexy, classy, or cute! Boots, flats, heels, stillettos - I love them all! I recommend bringing a few pairs of shoes to experiment with to see what works best with your outfit choices!


Whether it's an heirloom, engagement ring, vintage hat, sparkly necklace, your favorite sunglasses, or a brightly colored scarf, accessories can add personality and fun to your photoshoot! Sometimes just ONLY wearing accessories can be fun too!

One of my gorgeous Muses rocking a head wrap and bold jewelry!
My favorite online intimate apparel shops.


Raves & Testimonials
A heartwarming note from a True Muse!

"I can remember a time when I would walk with my head down, counting the cracks in the pavement. I used to be the person who only wished for blessings. I allowed the negative voices not only from others, but from the blaring screams of doubt in myself dictate my life. No one is perfect....I'm not perfect and I'm ok with that. It's beautiful souls like Agnes that come into our lives like a shooting star, reminding us how precious and beautiful we are....if we only look for it. Agnes thank you for always helping me see the beauty in me inside and out!" - Dottie M., NY.

“I did this boudoir shoot as a surprise present for my fiance, but I had so much fun it ended up being for me just as much! I’ve been recommending Agnes to everyone since my shoot!” - Laura O., NYC.

“Everyone should do this! If there is no special occasion then just do it for the experience! You will have so much fun and amazing pictures!” - Mai N., NYC.

Amazing. Seriously amazing. I barely go to the beach without wearing an array of coverup paraphernalia, but for some reason stripping down in front of Agnes was almost no problem at all! I had a ton of fun - I would without a doubt do it again! She made me look beautiful and feel fantastic! - Kristina S., NY

I am a boudoir photographer myself. (A very picky one at that!) As such, I have had the opportunity to be photographed by several of the finest colleagues I can think of in my industry. I knew I liked Agnes' work before I went in for my session, but I was nonetheless BLOWN AWAY by the final images from our shoot. In addition to the final photos being among the best I've ever had of myself, that is only enhanced by the amazing person that Agnes is. She is like sunshine in a bottle. Genuine, caring, positive, and fun. I can't say enough good things about Agnes, my photos, or the entire experience. Highly, highly recommended!!!! - Natalie K., DE


Whether you're single, married, beginning a new chapter or ending an old one - the images we create together will boost your confidence and improve your self-love SO much. If you're booking to give images as a gift, remember that this is just as much a gift to yourself, and that is priceless!


Bare Beauty Session - $250
  • 1 hour shoot in studio or on location (travel fees may apply)
  • 1 outfit + a white sheet/nude/implied nude set
  • Pose and expression coaching
  • Full magazine quality retouching of your proofs
  • In person reveal and ordering session
  • $50 print credit applied at your scheduled in person reveal order with a collection purchase
  • *BONUS* web sized digital portrait/headshot, so even if you won't be sharing your boudoir images to the world, you'll still have a striking and sassy image of yourself to show online!
White Sheet Sessions are simple and classic!
Renaissance Woman Session - $550
  • 2.5 hour shoot in studio or on location (travel fees may apply)
  • Professional makeup artistry & hair styling
  • 4 outfits + a white sheet/nude/implied nude set
  • Pose and expression coaching
  • Full magazine quality retouching of your proofs
  • In person reveal and ordering session
  • $100 print credit applied at your scheduled in person reveal order with a collection purchase
  • *BONUS* web sized digital portrait/headshot, so even if you won't be sharing your boudoir images to the world, you'll still have a striking and sassy image of yourself to show online!
Boudoir & an engaging portrait?! Yes please!!
Session Add Ons
  • Add Makeup to the Bare Beauty Session: $150
  • Add an additional Makeup look to any session: $75
  • Add Hair to the Bare Beauty Session for $50
  • Add an outfit + 30 minutes to any session: $50
  • "Last Minute" limited monthly shoots: $200 surcharge
  • Bring your lover to Muse with you on camera: $150
Couple's shoots are a great way to reconnect and do something for JUST the two of you!
In an comfortable and relaxed environment, I make sure to really capture the personality and HEAT of your relationship!
Please note that all products and digital files are sold separately.


Right after seeing your breathtaking images on the big screen, we will go through them one by one to decide which images you simply MUST have (note: many Muses take them ALL!) So essentially, the more you fall in love with your art the more you can save! All prints and photo products are professional grade and made to last a lifetime. Crafted by gifted artisans from archival-quality materials, I offer nothing but the very best in color reproduction and craftsmanship! I strongly believe in existing in photographs and printing your art! Waking up in the morning and seeing yourself on your walls or in an album looking positively FIERCE, is the best confidence booster and motivation to love yourself EVERY day!!

Don't forget about your print credit from your session fee! You'll receive a $50 credit for the Bare Beauty Session and a $100 credit for the Renaissance Woman Session at your scheduled in person reveal with any collection purchase!

The Spark - $1250
  • 10 image 6x6 Little Black Book with a leather cover
  • 10 image digital Mobile App
The Flame - $1800
  • 20 image 8x10 Luxe Album with your choice of leather cover OR an 8x10 Marilyn Envelope Portfolio Box with 12 matted prints
  • 20 image digital Mobile App
  • 2 Image Couture Folio
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder with a (1) 7 image reel
The Fire - $2450
  • 30 image 8x10 Luxe Album with your choice of leather cover OR an 11x14 Marilyn Envelope Portfolio Box with 18 matted prints
  • 30 image digital Mobile App
  • 2 Image Couture Folio
  • 30 image Self-Love Digital Slideshow set to music
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder with (2) 7 image reels
The Smolder - $ 3600
  • 40 image 8x10 Luxe Album with your choice of leather cover
  • 40 image digital Mobile App
  • 2 Image Couture Folio
  • 40 image Self-Love Digital Slideshow set to music
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder with (3) 7 image reels
  • 4x6 Gold Glass Box with your images printed on gorgeous Fine Art paper
  • Copper Heart Key USB with High Resolution Digital Files of your 40 images in color OR black and white with full personal print rights
The Inferno - $4850
  • 40 image 10x10 Overlay Matted Heirloom Album with your choice of Silk OR Wrap cover on Tintoretto Fine Art paper
  • 40 image Mobile App
  • (2) 2 Image Couture Folios
  • 40 image Self-Love Digital Slideshow set to music
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder with (4) image reels
  • 4x6 Gold Glass Box with your images printed on gorgeous Fine Art paper
  • Copper Heart Key USB with High Resolution Digital Files of your 40 images in color AND black and white with full personal print rights
  • Choice of: a 11x14 Fine Art Framed Canvas OR a 16x20 Luxe Metal Wall Art OR a Vera Wang Love Noir Digital Frame to loop your amazing images!

If you already know what you want RIGHT NOW, I offer a 10% discount on prepaid collections! That discount is also applied to anything additional that you purchase at your scheduled in person reveal!

A Peek at the Products
10x10 Overlay Matted Heirloom Silk Album
10x10 Overlay Matted Heirloom Silk Album with beautiful thick pages. With a variety of swatches available to customize your art, you can really personalize your art!
10x10 Overlay Matted Heirloom Silk Wrap Album with a variety of swatches available to customize your art!
Marilyn Envelope Portfolio Box (8x10 & 11x14) with a variety of swatches available to customize your art!
8x10 Luxe Album in Moonlight Leather
8x10 Luxe Album in Black Python Leather
4x6 Gold Glass Box with your images printed on gorgeous Fine Art paper
Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder
Vera Wang Love Noir Digital Frame
Copper Heart Key USB
Fine Art for your Walls

Waking up in the morning and seeing your SPECTACULAR self on your walls is an amazing way to start the day! It is a gorgeous daily reminder of the magical woman that you are and there is no better confidence boost! It's not narcissism, it's self love and appreciation for the GODDESS within you!


Fine Art Framed Canvas
16x24 Museum Quality Fine Art Framed Canvas that has an old world, classic feel! This craftsmanship and color will take your breath away! With a variety of framing options you can decide what compliments your home or boudoir the best!
  • 11x14 Fine Art Framed Canvas: $650
  • 16x24 Fine Art Framed Canvas: $800
  • 24x36 Fine Art Framed Canvas: $1050
  • 30x40 Fine Art Framed Canvas: $1200
Luxe Metal Wall Art
16x24 Luxe Metal Canvas is sleek, modern and ever so chic! The metal gives this wall art so much POP! This is a super cool and edgy compliment to your home or boudoir!
  • 11x14 Luxe Metal Wall Art: $450
  • 16x20 Luxe Metal Wall Art: $600
  • 24x36 Luxe Metal Wall Art: $850
  • 30x40 Luxe Metal Wall Art: $1000



À La Carte Options
  • 10/20/30/40 image 8x10 Luxe Album with your choice of leather cover: $1200/ $1850 / $2400 / $2650
  • 10/20/30/40 image 10x10 Overlay Matted Heirloom Album on Tintoretto Fine Art Paper with your choice of Silk OR Wrap cover: $1400 / $2050 / $2600 / $2850
  • 10/20/30/40 Fine Art paper prints in a 4x6 Gold Glass Box: $800 / $1250 / $1500 / $1650
  • 10/20/30/40 image High and Low resolution digital files with personal printing rights on the Copper Heart Key USB: $200 per image / $175 per image / $150 per image / $100 per image
  • Vera Wang Love Noir Digital Frame $250 with 10 or more purchased digital files and complimentary with 30+ digital image purchase!
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder: $350 / Extra Reel: $150
Add Ons
  • Add extra images to your Little Black Book, Luxe Album or Overlay Matted Heirloom Album : $100 per image
  • 10 image companion 6x6 Little Leather Black Book: $350
  • 10/20/30/40 companion 8x10 Luxe Album with your choice of leather cover : $600 / $850 / $1200 / $1450
  • Retro "Peep Show" Viewfinder: $250 / Extra Reel: $100
  • High and Low resolution companion digital files: $75 per image
  • 10/20/30/40 Fine Art paper prints in a 4x6 Gold Glass Box: $400 / $650 / $800 / $850
  • 12x12 or 11x14 Digital Illustration Fine Art Print: $350 Framed: $500 / Metal Wall Art: $500 (larger sizes available upon request)
  • Boudoir Mobile App with purchased images from your shoot - $250
  • Boudoir Digital Slideshow with purchased images from your shoot - $250
  • Rush fees for products vary based on time of year and how quickly art needs to arrive for you.
12x12 Digital Illustration Print
11x14 Digital Illustration Print
Please note that due to the custom nature of your products, all sales are final. No products will be ordered until payment is made in full.


You can reserve a session and products in advance and pay at your own pace!

Essentially a Boudoir savings account, you'll have the ability to pay weekly, bi monthly or monthly toward your dream shoot!


  1. Pick your favorite session.
  2. Pick your dream products. Whether it is an album, wall art or digital art, you can pick and choose to your heart's delight! You can always add more to your order after the reveal if you'd like!
  3. Pick if you want to pay in 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly installments (you can also pay weekly or bi monthly.) I accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, Checks and Cash.
  4. When you pay your last installment, we will book your session date with a preferred priority appointment within 2 weeks of the final payment.
  5. Relax and enjoy your True Muse Boudoir Experience without a care in the world knowing you're all squared away and your products are on their way after your reveal!


PayPal Credit

Paypal has an awesome 6 month no interest financing credit line that many of my True Muses have taken advantage of! What's great about this option is that you don't have to wait to get your shoot or products! All you have to do is apply and within minutes you'll get an answer on approval and credit limit! Then, when you pay with PayPal Credit you'll automatically be able to book and purchase products with your new flexible credit line!

To find out more and apply, click here: PayPal Credit


Questions answered and tips for having the BEST True Muse Experience!


Lucky you!! I work out of two wonderful spaces that you can choose from! One is located in New York City and the other is in Sherman, CT (90 minutes north of Manhattan).

The Manhattan Muse Studio located on the Upper West Side boasts an intimate chic vintage studio vibe with great light, rustic colors and elegant backdrops!

The Muse House set in bucolic Sherman, CT is an absolute MUST for nature lovers! Set high upon the mountains of Connecticut overlooking Candlewood Lake, this location is TO DIE FOR!! The image to the right was shot in the back yard! The house itself is an absolute treasure as well! Decorated and designed by professionals to reflect a whimsical, French country home feel, the Muse House really makes you feel like you are in a far away magical place! With many gorgeous natural wonders surrounding the area, there is no limit to the variety and beauty we can achieve!

The Manhattan Muse Studio
Simple and Sexy in The Manhattan Muse Studio!
Pure FIRE in The Manhattan Muse Studio!
Moody Glam at The Manhattan Muse Studio!
The Muse House in Sherman, CT
Sultry overload in The Muse House!
The view from The Muse House porch!
All you need is tulle and lots of nature to create seriously stunning art at The Muse House!


YES! I want your session to reflect your style! I always have a few fun pieces and fabrics I can add to your shoot but this is a chance for you to show off your unique sense of fashion!


You absolutely can! I am quite sentimental myself so I understand wanting to bring little relics from your life! There are definitely some fun ideas as far as incorporating a prop or two into your shoot but try to keep it as simple as possible. I suggest keeping it to a maximum of 2 or 3 small props. Things like handcuffs, riding crops and rope can be great for Fine Art images but be weary of bigger, distracting props that will take away from your jaw dropping sassy self!


No. The session fee is for the time and talent of your photographer at the shoot and during post production. No products or images are included in the sessions with the exception of the 1 *BONUS* web sized digital portrait/headshot provided in both the Bare Beauty and Renaissance Woman Sessions.


You can! However please note that your session print credit is only valid during your in person reveal, so if you choose to purchase your images at a later date, you will have to forfeit your print credit. I keep your images active for two weeks after your reveal, in case you want to add something to your package! If there is no purchase made within those two weeks, I archive your images and keep them for up to 6 months. If you decide you want to place an order after your reveal, I require an un-archival fee of $150 and will require us to have another in person or skype ordering session. Muses who have made purchases at their reveal will have the un-archival fee waived.


I LOVE to travel! Whether it's domestic or international or the next town over, I am happy to travel to help create the shoot you've always wanted! Travel fees will apply if outside of the NYC, Westchester or southwestern CT area.


Not unless you want me to and give me written permission! It is entirely up to you whether or not you allow me to share your images online! While I absolutely love sharing your unique gorgeousness with the world, I understand that some women would like to keep their images private and I respect that greatly. Your privacy and comfort are the utmost important thing to me before, during and after your shoot.


  • If you have no timeline for when you need your art by, you can call me and we can see what I have available for you!
  • If you are a bride or giving the gift of your fine self, please allow at least 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding or special occasion to assure timely delivery of products! If you are short on time, we offer great digital options as an alternative!
  • If you are expecting, first and foremost - CONGRATULATIONS!! Many happy blessings to you and your soon to be extended family! Second, I LOVE Maternity Boudoir!! Pregnancy is so WONDROUS! I suggest coming in between 6 and 8 months of pregnancy, but it really depends on how big you want your beautiful belly to be in the images!
There are certain points during the year that are extremely busy for myself and my Makeup and Hair Artists! The fall, in preparation for the holidays, Valentine's Day and spring/summer are all very high traffic months for True Muse. Please make sure to book and plan accordingly so that you can receive everything that you desire and envision for your True Muse Experience!


Don't be! I've got you girlfriend!! And, you know what? Most of the women who have had a session with me were just as nervous as you probably are right now because they hadn't done anything like that before either!

But that's the fun part!

A new adventure is always so thrilling! With my guidance, love and lots of empowerment cheerleading, you will get over those nerves, insecurities and apprehension in no time at all!

Give yourself some credit! You are such a hot babe with such a great spirit, why wouldn't I want to photograph you?!

But just to set your mind at ease, I've never had a woman not STRUT out of the studio after her session and reveal!

Have some more pressing questions? Don't hesitate to call, text or send me an email! I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

Call me on the Muse Line: 929.356.4560 Email me: Website:
Please follow, like & share True Muse Boudoir to spread the empowerment and love to your fellow sisters!
It's true.
And just like that, our time together draws to a close! I really hope you enjoyed this guide and it answered all of your questions about booking a True Muse Boudoir Experience! Whether you decide to book today or further down the road, never, EVER forget how enchanting you are and the transformative power of self love! I cannot wait to have you in front of my lens to celebrate your life while we create beautiful art together!

Here's to being #FearlesslyAuthentic!

With Endless Love & Gratitude, Agnes
Created By
Agnes Fohn


Agnes Fohn - True Muse Boudoir

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