Harry Potter Tributes In honor of the 19th anniversary of the battle of hogwarts, here are the characters who dieD During THE battle and were most important to the storyline

First up, Fred Weasley. Fred was too young to lose his life and should never have suffered like this. He deserved to grow old alongside his twin brother, George and have a good, long, healthy life. The scene where he died was truly devastating to fans of the series and many were angry at J.K. Rowling for killing off one of their favorite characters. At this point, many fans are sad for George, who lost his brother and best friend.
Next, Mr. Sirius Black. Once thought to have betrayed his best friends and sent to Azkaban for the mass murder of 12 people, Sirius quickly became a beloved character to many. As with Fred, the majority of fans were nearly in tears once Sirius died. They could not imagine Harry losing almost all of his father figures. This death definitely hurt many people inside and many will not be able to get over it.
Next up, another one of Harry's potential father figures, Remus Lupin. It was completely cruel how Remus was killed right after his son had been born. Remus was the one person who personally understood what Harry was going through but he still faced the truth, and his bravery is one of the reasons he was put into Gryffindor. Teddy didn't deserve to have his father taken away from him and Remus deserved much more than he got.
As the plot progressed, no one could refer to Remus without thinking of his wife, Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks, a metamorphmagus, was a treasured character in the series and she too didn't deserve to be taken away from her son. She could've stayed home with Teddy but she decided to go straight into war to be with the man that she loved. Tonks was brave every step of the way and there was no way that she could've ever been overlooked.
Last but most certainly not least, Severus Snape. This death is the one that sparked the most controversy. It seemed as though half of the fandom were sorrowed by his gruesome death whereas the other half felt as though he deserved it. No matter what Snape was, he was never a traitor or a coward. He would do whatever it took to avenge the love of his life and take care of her son. Snape was definitely one of the bravest and best characters throughout the entire series.

It seems as if this list could go on for ages, but those characters were 100% the most important to the plot line that died during the war. These characters will truly be missed forever.



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