Professor Interview


This is just a portion of what Mrs. Johnson and I talked about. We had many side conversations that stemmed from the questions that I did not include.

Although I’ve had Mrs. Johnson for a class already I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk to her again. Its one thing to conversate with a professor, but when talking to a professor involved with your major you can learn so much from them, as well as getting to know them on a more personal level. Mrs. Johnson is a very open person who is also interested in hearing the perspectives of others. She is not just at Clemson to read essays or grade papers, she is a very honest and helpful woman and I greatly appreciate her work with CAFLS and the WAVS community. Of course the more obvious reason behind the interview is seeing with your own eyes. even at times when it may not seem like it, that professors are human beings too. They don’t encourage you to fail, they want you to excel with your time here at Clemson. And as Mrs. Johnson said in our interview, when we leave and go out into the world or a career we are a direct representation of Clemson, and they wish to to keep that representation a positive one. I was also very happy that the interview was not based solely on the questions given, but that other conversations were stemmed from those questions. Such as the misconceptions of agriculture and some of the issues she faced in college just like every other student.

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