1.7 - Engaging Staff Videos By: Farren Mancuso

David Sivers "Leadership from a Dancing Guy"

In this video the narrator, Derek Sivers, analyzes how a movement can occur in under three minutes. Key lessons that Sivers focuses on is that:

  • It is the first courageous follower who transforms the lone nut into a leader.
  • The first follower is an unappreciated form of leadership.
  • A movement should be easy to follow and be public.
  • Participation is about the movement not about you as an individual.

Raymond Nashar's "Leading Innovation - The Three Carriage Train"

Nashar specifically references digital leadership however this metaphorical video can be more widely applied to the leadership in general. The video notes that the hardest part of a creating a movement is spreading the ideas and knowing where to invest your energy.

The three train analogy is that:

  1. The first cart is where the early adopters/followers go.
  2. The second cart is where the people go who are not ready to learn YET. Ashar notes can occur for many reasons such as: they have not yet developed the skills, they do not have the time, they require resources, or perhaps incentives.
  3. The third cart are those who do not want to learn.

Ashar notes that the first followers from the second cart are courageous and with their movement to the first cart, they stand out from the crowd and become "incidental leaders". The shift occurs here: "The transforming power comes from making these leaders public". At this point it is no longer about you anymore but about the movement.

21st Century Competencies & Challenge Based Learning

SmithSonian's "What 21st Century Education?"

This engaging and data packed video is created by the Smithsonian. The concept is to explore how the world has changed and what 21st Century Competencies our current students will need as adults. The goal of this video is stated at the end with a call to action for teachers to "make their classroom as dynamic as the world".

Greg Whiteley's "Most Likely to Succeed" - Trailer

Based on the work of Tony Wagner, this is a trailer for the documentary "Most Likely to Succeed". The focus of the documentary is that our education system is antiquated; that no longer

does our system need to teach students content as "content is ubiquitous", rather our systems need to teach students how to learn and apply their knowledge so that they can effectively innovate. The documentary focuses on a specific school, High Tech High, and their system wide approach to education through challenge based learning (CBL).

During our November PD Day my entire board participated in a screening and discussion of this film. The documentary not only facilitated meaningful conversations but has resulted in a board wide Challenge Based Learning Collaborative Inquiry and in a small secondary school restructuring their approach for second semester to co-teach all of the students together through the lens of CBL. http://www.mltsfilm.org/

Nirvan Mullick's "Caine's Arcade"

Caine's Arcade tells the heartfelt story of a young boy named Caine and the natural powers of creativity and entrepreneurship within children. This story and video was the ignition for the creation of a foundation called "Imagination Foundation" focused on developing the 21st Century Competencies of: creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in kids. Caine's story has also inspired a "National Cardboard Challenge".

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