Lesson 10

Key Vocabulary of lesson 10

Argument: You use an argument to give an input value, or values, to a function.

Argument label: Introduces the argument passed into the function.

Parameter: Used to work with a input value, or values in a function.

Return: A function returns something when it gives an output value back to its caller.

Side Effect: Any work done by a function that doesn't help create a return value.


The 3 most important principles of my app!

1. Clarity: Text, privacy and cookies policy should be readable, with no unnecessary detail and with a font black and wallpaper white.

Security: Passwords, locations and e-mail cannot be shared or used by third parties.

Information: Ads and other external links that send you to other app or website cannot interrupt with the user handle of the app. Ads should be visible, but in a different page of the app main function.

Classwork 10

Lesson 11

Key Vocabulary

Boolean: A type that has only 2 possible values; true or false.

Comparison Operators: You use as a symbol to describe 2 different things.

Conditional statement: A traffic controller that causes different code to run in different situations.

Remainder operator: It returns the amount left over after dividing a number by another.

Lesson 11

An appealing icon: Fantastical is a calendar app that is number 1 in their topic. The design is very colorful and has a corner in a 3D design.

Initial tutorial: Snapchat has a simple but very useful tutorial. It introduces you to the filters, adding friends and sending snapchats or messages.

Classwork lesson 11


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