Finding Your "Honey Bear" Finding Your “Honey Bear” is a portrait project that unites people through pictures in their distinct purpose-on-skin style.

Join us April 8th from 1-4 pm on Tech Field and share your purpose!

Our story: Honey Bear recently, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 3; leaving me devastated. Honey Bear was my emotional support animal and in many ways gave me purpose! Through this loss, I have had to look inward and find new meaning in my purpose.

Techies Stand Up would like to give everyone an opportunity to look inward and think about what or who gives them purpose and share it! We will be sharing our purpose by writing the words on our skin and capturing the moment with portrait-quality photography. We will also have the supplies to write and send letters to loved ones.

Can't think of what or who gives you purpose? Maybe you're feeling a little down and need someone to talk to? Or maybe you'd like to share how much someone means to you? We can help!
Supplies to write and send letter will be at the event!

If you have any questions or concerns you can email Techies Stand Up President, Magella Honeyfield at

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