Lorenzo Ghiberti

- Born in 1378 in Pelago, Italy, and died on December 1, in Florence, Italy.

- Lorenzo spent a lot of his life in Florence, Italy, which is where most of his known works are located.

- He was raised and trained as a goldsmith by his stepfather

-He was a very creative man, and also very curious intellectually. He was very social with others which helped him aquire many patrons.

-He trained as a goldsmith, worked as a painter, excelled as a sculpter, and was also appointed by Brunelleschi as a builder of a cathedral dome.

-Lorenzo Ghiberti didn't have a direct patron, but was appointed by Brunelleschi, who was sponsored by Cosimo de Medici. Also, his social ability attracted many other wealthy and very smart people of Florence.

-Many of his art represented forms of Illusionism, which he was able to pursue after it was indirectly restricted. He was also labeled as the prototype for humanist artists of the Renaissance.

-This piece of art is called Door of Paradise

-This piece was created in 1425.

-This piece of art would most likely be found in a museum, and also on online archives.

-This door was made of many smaller sections, and all the sections were made completely out of bronze.

-This work by Lorenzo is unique because it was a large door for the entrance of a baptistry. Also, the door was made almost entirely of bronze. This is also unique because this work was one of his most memorable pieces, and he was originally trained as a painter.

-Theism, almost all of the small sections of the door are relating to religious images.

-I find this picture interesting because it is made mostly of bronze, which wasn’t very common during that time.

-A picture of this piece can be found on various online archives. https://www.lessingimages.com/viewimage.asp?i=40070942+&cr=4&cl=1

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