Alan Fletcher by: autumn clewis

Alan fletcher was born September 27, 1931 in Nairobi, Kenya he stayed there as his father was a servant there, but as his health declined to his death they moved back to England. The time period was 1930's in Kenya and England.

What happened to Alan Fletcher in his life that made it significant, was in 1949 he was able to enroll himself into the Hammersmith School of Art, where he rubbed elbows with such people as Collin Forbes, David Hicks, Theo Crosby and many more, he also met a famous typographer Anthony Froshuag which is the man he trained under. That event stands out the most to me because he had lost both of his parents and lived with his grandparents and he enrolled himself to school.

The overall meaning of Alan's artwork was he was a graphic designer and many of his pieces focused on the little things in life, he also used a variety of colors to express his work not just the colors was significant but, the way he used contrast in his work. All in all he didn't just use one element of he used them all while also, being a rebel of following the rules of art.

Created By
Autumn Clewis

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