The Thin Line A Street Photography Exhibition by James Luedde

To foster transparency in ourselves, raise awareness for mental health issues and to simply tell my story.

Somewhere between... a transition, change, navigating while finding the connection and purpose. A second series in the works for release in 2020.

The next official exhibit is now up running July to September at the Portico in Downtown Tampa, FL. 1001 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602. There will be an artist talk and gathering August 24th starting at 6pm where you will get more insight and depth into the motivation for the project. Please join us for this interactive session which will also be part of Tampa's 4th Friday events on August 24. For updates follow along at @fotosetbyjames.

The first edition show was on display January - February 2018 at the Rialto Theater in Downtown Tampa, FL. The show was open for private and public viewings part of the organized Tampa Fourth Friday events that took place Jan 26, 2018 and Feb 23, 2018. A closing reception was held Feb 23, 2018, some photos are below from the first show.

Through most of my adult life I seem to feel as if I'm walking a thin line between relative greatness and total destruction...

Elements of despair, darkness, light, connections and curiosity.

The moments equal parts the photographer and the photograph.

The cycle, a driver and catalyst to escape some sort of ever building intense pressure, masked but not forgotten just re-framed.

Relationship and reasoning over the mind and emotion, moving parts at war with themselves.

A visual representation of a connection between the subconscious mind of the photographer and the photograph.

The thin line is the whole game...
"There's a realness about it all, an ability to connect with others for a second while taking a deep dive into yourself...
Created By
James Luedde


Photography by James Luedde