Underground Railroad Ariana

The Underground Railroad. The underground railroad was a bunch of secret routes for slaves to become free. Many slaves have been successful in finding freedom, but some did get caught and returned to their plantations. They usually travel on foot or on wagon, and if lucky they travelled on a horse. Abolitionists are people who helped the slaves get to their destination. White people helped the slaves by providing food, shelter, water and clothes. Duriing the time, each year thousands of slaves have become free.
Slaves stravelled only at night. They travel over 10-20 miles between each check point to rest and eat.
Over 50,000 slaves escaped there plantations using the underground railroad. The North did not allow slavery, yet the south did. So when the farmers found out that they were escaping their land, they put a lot of strain on the north to get them back. The southerners were extremely angry because slaves were crucial to help grow and produce crops to make money.
The railroad consisted of meeting points, secret routes, transportation safe houses, and personal assistance.

Harriet Tubman, known as "Moses," was an inspiring slave that became free, escaping her plantation by herself. Making 19 trips to help save other slaves, she was helping hundreds of slaves that deserved freedom. Tubman herself claimed that out of all of her trips, she did not lose one follower. Being the most famous conductor on the underground railroad, her slave owners were awarding $40,000 to whoever catches her. Passing away from pheunomia at 91 years old, she has been known around the USA that she has done a great thing for other slaves, which shows that she had an intelligent, and couragious attitude towards others.

Here is a sketch of Harriet Tubman, showing pictures (in the corners) of the things she has done.
Slaves often travelled and escaped to Canada, and others escaped to free states.
Slave Catchers: these people searched for slaves to help return them to their slave owners. Sometimes they would even capture free slaves, or even children. This was not as successful as the Americans thought because some slave catchers caught the slaves and illegally sold them themselves for profit.

Overall, the undergound had its pros and cons. The north liked it, the south didn't. The slaves liked it, the slave owners didn't. What do you think?

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