PORTRAITS By Bailey O'Loughlin


The location of the photo was a little hard but instead of taking her photo near the blue jay statue she decided she wanted it against or near the tree. I at first was thinking of using the selective focus but I chose not to because there was enough light outside when I took the photo and with the selective focus it would make the photo look extremely bright and hard to see the girl in the photo. I also had a few problems with the focus on the camera so i had to let it cool down a little and after it cooled down enough for the photos to be taken they turned out amazing.


This one was a little challenging because at the time there was some light but not enough so i used the flash on the camera and it made the photo look like this and with the one book it is hard to see it and it is sort of hard to see the students face you can see her face but barely. I had the selective focus on with this one and i think sense the flash is used with the selective focus it sort of did that. I now know not to use the flash in areas with some or enough light.


The portrait was not that challenging to do at all I had a student from the Beak squad and another student who had brought her laptop to have it fixed or looked at and the other laptop belongs to the student from the Beak squad. For this one I had to use the selective focus on this one and i had it focused on the student working on the laptop.


The coming of the location was pretty simple because the teacher is a choir teacher and is always in the choir room. So I took a photo of the choir teacher at the piano playing a song for the class that is coming next.


This one was a little challenging with her and the other girls running around but after a while they started to play a game and they were not running around like they did before. I tried to do a tight zoom on her but the camera was acting fussy so i sort of did a tight shot but i didn't. Since it is against the wall she could not get close enough to the wall because there was stuff piled up against the wall so I had to improvise a little she is sort of against the wall and against the stone garbage can. Plus it was a really great photo because she looks really happy.


With these two girls it was a little difficult at first because the photos came out blurry and then when they stopped moving around a lot it got a lot easier to take their photos. I tried to use the selective focus on the camera but it started to act funny so i did not use the selective focus for the photos. They started to play Simon says and they had a ton of fun trying to follow what Simon said and I took two photos of them playing Simon says which turned out really well.


This one is the last photo I had taken from the one section of portrait of being outside. So the girl did not want to have the photo taken near the window because I would of been seen when i took the photo and plus she wanted to be outside because it was a nice day so I listened to what she wanted, plus i did not want to be seen in the window if I had her sitting near the window. The natural light looks amazing on how it was angled on on her and also she really liked this photo a lot more from the one i had of the window because I was not seen in the photo.


At first i thought it would turn out really bad with taking a portrait of my cat Nala but she then blew my mind away because she was all the way into getting her photo taken and I had to reward her for being a great model. I used the selective focus for these photos and that is the reason why her eyes look a little bright, I also think I did a tight zoom photo too.


One of the managers at Military Clothing and Sales it took almost the whole day for me to be able to get a photo taken of her and mainly because i could not go into the back of the store but everything turned out fine. She is closing the doors to the store because it is time for the workers to go home to be with their families. It took for ever to get to photo of her to turn out right and when it did i was happy. I think I used the rule of thirds on this photo.


I would have to say this portrait was the one i had the most fun with because the nurse and I did not know what she had to do and also i would have to say it turned out fine. So the nurse is taking her time on a break from taking care of students or she is waiting for a student to come in. She is posed looking out the window as the time is going by. I used the selective focus on this portrait.

The rest of the portraits

There might not be any sentences with them

Mrs. Oliver is smiling nicely for her portrait and I tried to help her feel relaxed to take her photo and it turned out great. She is standing in the door way to Mr.French's class room.
A student who is my best friend that is sitting in the SET office. The photo looks fuzzy to me, I guess the setting or i did something on accident made it look like that. I think I used the selective focus on this one.
This is one of the portraits i did of my cat Nala and the portrait of her looks really fuzzy I guess the tight zoom i did on her must of did it or it was the effect of the light.
One of the security people at the school this one also looks really fuzzy i tried to use the selective focus on him but i guess it did not work well at all. The security guy is having a message come through the walkie talkie
Employees doing their job at work and also socializing in one of the portraits I used the rule of thirds and the other one well i do not know maybe it was selective focus or i did not use it at all.
These are all portraits of girl scouts selling girl scout cookies I would say I sort of got a little creative when they were playing games while they were selling girl scout cookies and plus they are adorable too! I would say in some of them I might of used the rule of thirds, and also used selective focus on them too. I really loved taking these girls photos and also they really loved having their photo taken.
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