Geothermal Energy By lucas Simak

Geothermal energy is using hot water from the earth to turn a turbine that spins parts of a generator which creates electrical energy for us to use.

--The history of Geothermal energy was started by American Paleo-Indians in the U.S. 10,000 years ago. The indians used it for cooking, bathing, and cleaning.

-- The first Geothermal plant was made in 1904. By 1960's there was a large power plant in San Fransisco that was producing 11 megawatts of power.

--Today there are over 60 Geothermal plants in the U.S.

--A California Geothermal plants heat resource hole goes deeper then 15,000 feet. This plant alone provides 20% of California's power.

--Geothermal Energy is a growing area of technology. Geothermal Energy has great potential, but currently provides a very small amount of our energy.

Future of Geothermal Engery:
  • If we have the technology, Geothermic Energy could potentially produce 80% of the worlds energy.
  • Unlike wind and solar energy, geothermic energy is available around the clock.
  • While it is a re-newable energy, it has concerning environmental impacts such as the release of hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell) and byproducts from the production my have toxic materials.


  • Geothermic energy has great potential to provide a renewable source for energy. But, I think more studies should be done because of the environmental impacts before we use this a big power source.


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Bentley Morgan


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