How to make a Sand-which! By: Jamie Thomas

The items ya'll will need is Bread, Topping choice, sauce of your choice.

First you wanna take the bread, make sure its good, and not moldy.

Next take the topping of you choice and place it on the bread.

Now you want to add the sauce.

Finally add the top piece of the bread.

If your a girly girl and don't like the crust then you can take the crust off for you final step.

Now you got you perfect sandwich.

You want to avoid the moldiness of the bread. Or you want to make sure the Toppings are good.

If you want some advice I'd make sure the food is good. I'd also add chips.

I learned how to do this skill by my brother. She taught me when I was 7. And again when I was 10, because I forgot. It is really easy now to make.

Created By
Jamie Thomas


Created with images by The Marmot - "Egg Salad Sandwhich" • Alex "Skud" Bayley - "bread!" • cote - "Sassy Chicken Salad: Eating" • mpollitt - "stop sign road sign roadsign"

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