Americas beginning In 5 parts

Americas history is full of fights and hope

It was hard to start to start a new nation.

But we prevailed


In 1492 Christoper Columbus crossed the ocean and found the new world.

This led to years of discovery from different countries.


Then in 1607 the first successful settlement made by Britain was founded. They named it Jamestown

This was a second attempt at taking some land across the sea. This also allowed the freedom of religion.

We had some help with settling in from the native Americans. It is thanks to the natives that we have thanksgiving.


Solders in the French and Indian war

The french and Indian war was started over some land that was unclear who it belonged to. The French built a fort on this land and would not leave. We went to war over this.

Battles like Quebec, Fort necessity, and many more took place here. This was an important war because it was the reason that the revolution.


The treaty of Paris was the treaty that ended the revolution. This is the treaty that us free.

Pics of the treaty of Paris


Our new president was General/President Washington

The Constitution was the start of the government.

And so America was formed and became one of the best countries in the world. It is a free nation with many rights.


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