Should We Have Year Round School? By Jacob Redick

What would it be like to go to a year round school? There are so many good reasons for year round school to be in place, that it is almost impossible to list them all. The school year is more balanced, students don't forget during long summer breaks, and schools use space more efficiently. Year round school is such an interesting, and functional idea.


One reason we should have year round school, is because the school year is more balanced. For example, states that 90% of students in year round schools go to college. If all schools used the 45 days on and 15 days off of school schedule that YRS (year round school), imagine how successful America could be. And, if school was on this schedule, you could get almost an equal amount of days in the year. When schooling this way, you get 45 days of school and 15 days off of school. Weekends are also included in your break. So, if you add that to your break, you get 45 days on and 21 days off of school. Year round schooling has an equal amount of days in the year.


Another reason we should have year round school, is because in traditional school, kids forget a lot of what they learned before summer. states that the length of the summer, shows how much review is needed. With year round school summers being shorter, they would need less review. Because of this, teachers could fit in more lessons and give more time for them. Without as much review in school, you can teach more lessons that are just as important as other subjects, like cursive, and typing. You wouldn't need as much review in year round school.


The last reason we should have year round school is because school space is used more efficiently. For example, you don't have wasted school space, like normal school summers. There are no activities going on in traditional summer. Teach states that teachers use breaks to have meetings in the school. About half of this break, is used for teachers to go to meetings in school. In year round school breaks, after school activities like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, use the space and give it a purpose, so there is a use for it. School is always used in the YRS schooling program.


If we want America to be successful and advanced, we need to invest in year round schooling. With the balanced school year, students can focus on school work and be be on task, using the breaks as a calmer. No long summer breaks, means students don't forget as much, and can learn new, and important skills. School is occupied on the breaks by extra activities. That means repair money can go to other places. If we don't change to year round school America won't invent anything new, we won't be able to expand our companies, and we can't be as strong of a country as we are. Will you be able to sleep knowing that our country is becoming less successful by the minute?

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Jacob Redick

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