SAMR Introduction

We have to move beyond having our students come to class and "take it" for an hour and move into a more engaging and constructive manner of teaching. Technology is only a tool and SAMR allows us to infuse the technology into a fluid and active environment, the classroom.

In the image below you can see that I modeled finding a photo or using a link provided to one to identify the different aspects of the SAMR model.

Choose your own image of students using technology or use a link below and explain from what you can observe in the image which aspect of the SAMR model is being used. Substitution; Augmentation, Modification or Redefinition. You may want to install the Google Extension Awecome ScreenShot Capture which will capture the image and allow you to make notes on it etc. like I did in mine. Or you can be prepared to share why your image shows the level of SAMR you are observing or seeing.

Use this picture to help you complete this assignment.


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What are your takeaways from watching Ruben? Where do you start? Is every activity modification or redefinition? How will you determine which level of SAMR to do when designing or redesigning lessons? Share with your table.

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