3M MINISTRY Raise-Train-Send

What is 3M.

3M ministry, means Multiply Movement Mascouche. A movement started from a local church in Quebec that had a burden to see leaders being raised, trained and sent.

This vision started with this huge need for leaders and church planters in our belle province.

Our actual context pushed us to think about our future.

22 out of 87 churches are without a pastor.

110 out of 225 leaders, elders are over 55 years old.

0.8% of evangelical christians are in Quebec.

When we compare the ratio of Christians to the population in Quebec with ratios in North America, the numbers are staggering:

USA 1 in 3, Canada 1 in 8, Mexico 1 in 15 and Quebec… 1 in 165!

This is huge! It is evident that the people of Quebec need to hear and see the Gospel. They need more evangelical churches that will reach their own people.

This is the reason why we Raise leaders, Train leaders and Send leaders from our own local church into our own mission field!

Multiply Movement Mascouche focuses on three levels:

Raising leaders

Training leaders

Sending leaders

Raising Leaders

As a church who focuses greatly on church planting, one of our priorities is raising leaders. We pray and work hard to raise leaders from our own mission field. Many young men have a lot of potential to be leaders and we work hard to seek, train, and lead them. Our local church takes youth ministry very seriously. Not only is it a place where we care for and disciple the teens, but we also believe it is a place to raise up our future leaders.

They are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church of today! We want to prepare them now because we believe in their potential to be our future leaders.

3M Ministry not only recruits and seeks leaders but we raise them up as well! As a well established church, we sometimes have the opportunity to help and encourage other churches to raise their own leaders. The 3M Ministry team does not only focus on its own community but they also walk alongside other churches to help them in this process.

Training Leaders

Raising, seeking and finding leaders is one thing but we also need to train them!

Multiply Movement Mascouche is the effort of a well established church who is in a position to equip new leaders. The church of Terrebonne-Mascouche has some experience in church planting and training leaders. We planted 9 churches all across the province of Quebec. We faced adversity and many challenges but by God’s grace we learned a lot about training leaders. We are in a good position to be able to equip leaders who will be sent to serve in the Quebec's mission field.

To train leaders, we work on three levels: Head, Hands and Heart.


The head of the leader refers to his knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation. Every leader needs knowledge. Knowledge of doctrine, knowledge of leadership skills, and knowledge of the mission field. We equip our leaders by giving them the knowledge they need.


The leader’s hands refer to his skills. Someone who has a lot of knowledge is not necessarily a leader yet! They need skills because skills are the practical aspect of knowledge. They can know how to preach or share the Gospel but they need to develop the skill by actually doing it. Every leader in training has a coach to help them in this process. We equip our leaders by developing their skills.


The leader’s heart refers to his character. This one is probably the most important. Someone can have the knowledge and the skills for leading but they need the character to lead.

Being teachable, cultivating humility and pursuing holiness are things that we help leaders to develop. We equip our leaders by developing their character.

Each leader that we train is coached on those three levels. We are convinced that all of these levels are critical to training future pastors and church planters. That is why we need to take them all very seriously.

Sending Leaders

Here at our local church we want to see leaders serving where Jesus calls them to serve! Some stay here at our local church, some leave to plant a new church in our province, and some go to help a pastoral team in another church. Others may also leave for another country.

Even though we feel the burden of needing leaders here in Quebec, we know that Jesus wants to send leaders all around the world and we want to participate in His mission and His kingdom, not our own.

Multiply Movement Mascouche is looking for partners who want to invest in the Kingdom by praying for leaders and by giving financially to support their training. Would you please pray and consider being a partner with us?

Kelci and Sergei

Hi, I'm Sergei Li.

a work in progress. Pastor in training, youth ministry Director @ebetm, student, God willing future church planter in a urban place. oh, I also like to watch The Office. (Michael Scott is a genius) I'm engaged to my beautiful Kelci Williams, getting married May 27th, coming soon. We'll keep you updated on that.

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David A. and Kim A.

Hi, I'm David.

Pastor in training, I love to read, play guitar, play golf, and I guess I'm a little bit of a Star Wars nerd! Oh, and Kim and I are also devoted Montreal Canadiens fans! And I'm unbeatable in hockey pools.

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