Bridge Building 101 Mandy Thompson

Material List

  • 1-2 Elmer's glue bottles
  • Around 200 popsicle sticks
  • Just enough newspaper to cover workspace
  • About 30 paper clips
  • 4 water bottles
  • 8 rubber bands
  • Yard stick

Side Note

  • It takes about a week or two to complete this project


1. After gathering all materials, lay out the sticks in the formation you would like. I did the sides with a bottom, top, and triangles with sticks in the middle vertically for the side.

Triangle Making

2. Next, make triangles for both sides. Lay down newspaper so glue will not go anywhere. Make sure to look at further instructions below the next picture before gluing. Glue the top of the stick on the top of the other stick. Make about eighteen triangles and let them dry. It should look like the picture below but with popsicle sticks.
2. (Continued Information) The tops of the sticks should be overlapped. You can determine the width by the size of your pointer finger. Glue the sticks together and then repeat this process. Put the other sticks over top of the original so you have an idea of how side they should be made. Doing this, will make all of them the same size. You can also put paper clips on them to help the sticks stay. Let dry overnight.

Bottom Gluing

3. Next, it's time to start the bottom. For both bottoms, you will need about twenty-seven sticks. Lay two sticks next to each other touching and then to hold them together, glue a stick over the middle of them. The bridge is going to be a little bit over thirty inches. So divide the sticks to make it a little over thirty inches. It is very important to make the bottoms straight so the bridge isn't crooked.
This is how the stick pattern should look for the bottoms. Continue this same pattern for both bottoms. Let dry overnight.

Connecting Triangles to Bottom

4. The next step is to start gluing the triangles to the bottom. To do this, lay down the bottom piece and glue the triangles to it. Don't leave gaps between the triangles unless you can't fit a whole triangle on the ends. During this process, it is a good idea to use the paper clips to hold the pieces you have glued together. Once both sides are finished, let them dry overnight.

Gluing Top to Sides

5. Next, get sticks to glue on the top of the triangles for a top of the bridge. The pattern is every other stick on top of the triangles and on the other side of the triangles. The red represents the top triangle sticks and the blue represents the other side (bottom side) sticks. Sometimes, the top needs paper clips to hold together overnight for drying.

3D Bridge

6. After letting the top of the bridge dry overnight, it is time to start making the bridge stand up. To do this, put three to four water bottles in between the bridge sides. This is to stand it up and make sure the rubber bands don't bend it. Now, put on the rubber bands wear it looks like it is needed to keep the bridge together and upright. This can be very challenging, so it is a good idea to keep your patience and have a partner help you. After the bridge is standing up right, start gluing the sticks on top of the bridge straight across to keep it together. Glue a stick every one to two inches or so. The water bottles will be in the way of some sticks, so you will need to let it dry overnight to continue placing top sticks the next day.

Finishing the Top Sticks

7. Now, you can finish the top of the bridge. In this step, there isn't a lot to do because you can't flip over the bridge to start the bottom.

Starting Bottom of Bridge

8. After letting the top sticks dry overnight, you can start the bottom. To do the bottom part of the bridge, glue sticks on in an X and a / way. The bottom doesn't have to be perfect.

Reinforcing and Done!

9. Lastly, to reinforce more, you can glue sticks over the triangle sides on both sides. Also, glue a stick vertically in the middle of each triangle. After letting this dry overnight, your bridge should be done!


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