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MAn-Gala Newsletter

The Wet. December-March. Wangal jarrangu (cyclones)

Nagulanyurdany warli lidabarri yingarrjin – Fish/meat from the sea are fat. Gala jimbubarri yingaran gurlibil – Green turtle is laying. Jarlangardi lidabarri yingarrngaran – Goannas are getting fat.

Message from CEO


We’ve had a productive start to the year here at Nyamba Buru Yawuru. Everyone returned to work, despite a short COVID19 lockdown in the south, and country loved the abundant rains we have had this Man-gala. To start the year, we launched our Jalbi Jiya housing program with 8 houses now allocated to successful participants and 6 still available for home ownership. In this crowded housing market, we are happy we can provide a co-equity housing program for Yawuru and the broader Indigenous community in Broome.

Our Yawuru Country Managers have been doing important work protecting our bilarra (wetlands) at Roebuck Plains Station, as well as up-skilling with training workshops. We also had a visit from the Minister, Hon. Paul Papalia interested in the work Yawuru Country Managers are doing and announced funding to protect high visitation areas at Gantheaume Point which have cultural significance to Yawuru people.

Our Yawuru Ngan-ga (language) team have been busy on many Yawuru translations and with schools back Yawuru lessons have commenced. The team have also been actively signing up new members which is wonderful to see. Cultural Services had their first Yawuru Cultural Program and are gearing up for a busy year with Yawuru Cultural Immersions being offered once a month and many Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies booked in for the year ahead.

We have had new appointments to our Yawuru Boards. We welcome Benjamin Dolby as Yawuru PBC Chair and Wayne Edgar as Deputy Chair Yawuru PBC. We congratulate Neil Fong for his appointment as Chair Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY), who takes over from David Puertollano, now Deputy Chair NBY. We also welcome Mark Munich to NBY Board. We look forward to collaborating with Benjamin, Wayne, Neil and all our Board members, to ensure the sustainable empowerment of Yawuru culture, Buru (country) and Ngarrungunil (community).

Thomas 'Unda' Edgar, former Yawuru PBC Chair and Neil McKenzie, former Deputy Chair PBC remain as Directors on the Yawuru PBC and will continue to provide guidance and support to Chair Dolby and Deputy Chair Edgar. We thank both Unda and Neil McKenzie for their leadership, commitment and hard work to the Yawuru Group over many years.

Ngaji gurrjin! Benjamin, Wayne and Neil

Wayne Edgar and Benjamin Dolby



Ngaji gurrjin Vanessa Gregory, our new HIPPY co-ordinator for parents and young children.

HIPPY are seeking Expressions of Interest for tutors and age 4 families to join our program in 2021. Contact NBY’s HIPPY Coordinator on 91929644 for more information.


NBY’s Warrmijala Murrgurlayi (WM) currently offers two sustainable, culturally integrated pre employment training programs in agriculture and hospitality. Both programs are underpinned by Yawuru’s mabu liyan philosophy and are linked to Yawuru’s Gumbaranganyjal, Roebuck Plains Station and Mabu Mayi Café for employment opportunities.

NBY hosted an Information Session on WM’s hospitality pre-employment program to recruit and introduce young people to the program. Our 6 week hospitality pre-employment program commenced on 12th April.

Learning barista skills

Huge shout out and CONGRATULATIONS to the trainees at Gumbaranganyjal, Roebuck Plains Station who participated in the Low Stress Stock handling course 30th and 31st March, and who graduated from their 8 week agriculture pre employment training program run by NBY's, Warrmijala Murrgurlayi (Rise Up to Work).

Since late 2018, Shell has sponsored the WM program, which offers support and assistance to young people through an 8-week pre-employment program. The addition of this program has led to a 25% increase in employment outcomes. The WM program is built on the values and behaviours of NBY and measured against the Mabu Liyan Framework, that allows individuals to achieve their training and employment goals, while enhancing their wellbeing. NBY currently offer an agriculture and hospitality program linked to employment outcomes at Mabu Mayi Cafe and other Broome employers.

The photos below are of the trainees who participated in the Low Stress Stockhandling (LSS) course, run in partnership with Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) and Nyamba Buru Yawuru's Warrmijala Murrgurlayi pre-employment program, as part of their training as prospective cattlemen.


NBY’s Warrmijala Murrgurlayi (WM) currently offers two sustainable, culturally integrated pre employment training programs in agriculture and hospitality. Both programs are underpinned by Yawuru’s mabu liyan philosophy and are linked to Yawuru’s Gumbaranganyjal, Roebuck Plains Station and Mabu Mayi Café for employment opportunities.

Agriculture graduates: Sumsuden Bin Rashid, Nigel Farrer, Elijah Isaacs, Tanalia Kitching, Dylan Turley, Chris Mandigalli and Tyson Dolby.


Our award-winning café and social venture, Mabu Mayi Café, opened this year with new trading hours 7am-2pm, serving up daily specials, a new seasonal menu and early morning offers.
Fish burger special, Sandy Dann enjoying our Long Soup special and early morning deals!!


Must have barista skills. Experience in hospitality. Great conditions, small team. Hours generally 6.30am - 3pm. No weekend work!!

Please send a resume to bookings@yawuru.org.au or call 9192 9600 and ask for Alex Crawford.

Jalbi Jiya (Your Home)

Jalbi Jiya is NBY and NW Aboriginal Housing’s housing program with rental and co-equity options for Indigenous people living in Broome.

In January, the new Jalbi Jiya staff started with Maria Morgan and Katherine Stewart. Rental properties have reached capacity. We are still accepting applications for the co-equity (properties for sale = home ownership) for candidates whom meet the eligibility criteria. There are still 6 properties available for co-equity.

Find out if you are eligible and download the Jalbi Jiya Application form here: http://www.yawuru.org.au/community/jalbi-jiya/ or email: jalbijiya@yawuru.org.au

Home opens have been conducted with candidates who have met the pre-requisites and we have now allocated 8 homes/properties to applicants for co-equity.


Elders enjoying a yarn at our regular morning teas.

We really enjoy catching up each month with our elders. Offering morning tea from our delicious Mabu Mayi Café, this is a really enjoyable and important time for us all to re-connect with our Yawuru community and communicate with our elders.

Next Elders Morning Tea will be Friday 30th April 10am at Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa.


Eduardo Maher, Roger Cook, Divina D'Anna, Paul Papalia MLA, Leroy Prigram, Julie Melbourne, Monica Edgar

We had a visit from Paul Papalia MLA, who was in Broome to announce a commitment of $4.5 million to provide infrastructure facilities, road upgrades and visitor interpretive signage to meet visitor demand and environmental management for the Yawuru Conservation Estate (YCE).

The announcement was timely as the joint management team (Yawuru, Shire of Broome and DBCA), recently undertook a review of the Yawuru Conservation Estate (YCE) Recreational Master Plan. The Plan details recreational areas identified because of their high cultural values, high visitation or high-risk, that are assessed as needing further planning and management.

Gantheaume Point is one of these priority areas in the YCE. The review identified the need for further master planning for this precinct as a recreational node, including improved interpretive signage for tourists on the significant Yawuru cultural values of the area, including dinosaur footprints. Because it is a high visitation and high-risk area, it would likely need clear signage and pathways to manage these risks.

Bilarra (Wetlands)

Throughout Yawuru Buru there are many Bilarra. Each has a significant importance to the Yawuru people. The Yawuru Country Managers monitor these wetlands and gather information and help oversee the health of Yawuru Country.

Country Managers collecting data in wetland quadrats during Man-gala. The barndalmarda (birds) come to eat here. The plants grow back attracting a food source for a variety of animals.
Yawuru Country Managers erecting fences to protect Yawuru’s Bilarra on Roebuck Plains Station.

Pius Gregory, shares his update on the work the Country Managers are doing in a Goolarri Radio Interview: LISTEN HERE


Yawuru Cultural Programs are up and running this year with monthly sessions at Liyan-ngan Nyirrwa.


Yawuru’s Cultural Programs offer government and business clients valuable cultural awareness and connection to local and national Indigenous history. The programs deliver cultural and historical context and assist people working in the Kimberley or with Indigenous groups.

The courses provide an overview of Yawuru tradition, language, kinship and relationships to regional cultural groups as well as the historical context of government policy and its impact on Indigenous people. Concepts including the Bugarrigarra, liyan, rayi and buru are discussed as part of Yawuru’s vibrant cultural life.

Our stories and philosophy comes from the Bugarrigarra, the time before time, when creative forces shaped and gave meaning to the landscape, putting the languages in the country for the people and creating laws.

Dianne Appleby, Cultural Co-ordinator, shares some of our rich Yawuru language, culture and Broome’s heritage in an ABC podcast which you can listen to HERE.



Maree Edgar with jarlangardi (sand goanna) caught during Marrul season when they are fat, for our elders.