Japanese Internment By Daniel Davis

First Coming

  • According to video 1, the first Japanese immigrants came to settle in Hawaii and the west coast of America around the 1800's.
  • Although it was hard work to improve their standing in society, most were able to make it through the medium of establishing their own businesses and owning property.


  • When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, according to video two, the Japanese Americans were then targeted out of fear in the midst of this mass hysteria.
  • To better prove their innocence, Japanese Americans declared their loyalty through acts such as abandoning fishing professions and taking up farming so that they are not seen as a threat to coastal areas.

Should The Japanese Be Placed In Internment Camps?


  • The nation would have a sense of security, and with a level headed nation we can work together to fight.
  • In the event that their were in fact spies in the US, the camps could now contain the treachery.


  • The taking of a group of people's rights are immoral and wrong.
  • They are US Citizens and should be treated like so.

My Personal opinion

As much as I am against the segregation of a specific people, with the sake of the unity of the US and national security at stake I do believe internment camps might be the answer. With this in mind I am not saying that certain rights should be taken away, they are Americans and they have earned them, I’m just saying we should do this for the sake of the country not tearing itself apart thinking their neighbor is a traitor. With a calm mind, we can fight and win.

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