Theme Project & Presentation By: Natacha Schembri

I"m gonna do "Fear of failure". all of the characters had a fear of failing because if they fail then they might think there not good at something and they might not fit in
Fish in a tree is about a girl that doesn't fit in with people. she has a problem were she cant read or write. the girl's name is ally. she got a new teacher, the teacher wanted to help her learn how to write and read. He helped ally after school. Also in the book there is a girl that is really mean to her. and so ally is scared that if she fails at something she will be teased at
"elf". It's about a buddy who grow up in Santa's workshop. Santa told buddy about his dad that is in New York so he traveled to New York to go find his dad. his dad that he found didn't believe that he was his missing son. and through all of the journey buddy thought that if he messed up people would judge him for what he did.
the rabbit and the hare is a fable and when the bunny ask to do a race with there turtle he thought he would win but since he stopped he would be upset that he haven won and that he would fail but the turtle won
Thank you, i hope you enjoyed my presentation!
Created By
Natacha Schembri


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