Freshco Projects Deficiency List Home Depot #7051 Saskatoon

Janitor's Room

Clean Janitor's Room FRP from stains caused by leaking faucet. Fix leak on faucet by tightening or adding teflon tape. Add end and top caps to existing FRP and apply paintable DAP to edge that meets wall.
Repair drywall damage in the Janitor's Closet. Above the FRP near faucet, large grouping of holes adjacent to sink, holes in wall around the room, dimpling near light switch, etc.
Sand and prime repaired areas. Paint entire Janitor's Closet.

Replace lens cover on the 12''x48'' flourescent ceiling light fixture

Install concrete curb around the janitor's sink. Approx. 1.5''-2'' thick by 5.5'' x 6'' high
Install 6'' rubber baseboard in the janitor's closet by replacing old or adding new.


Apply final coat of paint to existing door frames and doors. Bleed-through still visible. Touch up white around all frames.
Replace of air return grills.
Clean or replace of any ceiling tiles that are dirty, damage or not to new specifications.
Last row of wall tile is offset from the standard brick pattern.
Add silicone to perimeter of the accessory surface that meets the tile of all mirrors, soap dispensers, soap catchers and fixtures.
Lower the handicap soap dispenser and soap catcher. You can possibly use the new soap dispenser supplied to cover the old soap catcher holes. The working components of the dispenser must be below 48" AFF to be AODA compliant.
Repair all inside corners with sandstone grout or sandstone grout silicone. Apply clear silicone to the corner once grout or grout silicone is dry.
Clean overall space once all work is complete.

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