P211.T45 Stephen Miller

This is the Silo portion of P211.T45. My picture at the beginning of this page portrays the silo and after a little research, I found it was created by a man who goes by the name David Tillinghast. The moment I read "P211.T45" on the assignment page, curiosity stuck me and I had to know. I had to know what it meant, why it was titled this ridiculous title and where it was. So I embarked on a journey that ultimately made me feel a much larger connection to Clemson. I learned that the raised metal plate on the floor of the silo is actually a hint and the title, "P211.T45" is the call number of a book in the library. A book where imagination and creativity take flight.

Here lies the book, which I was disappointed to find can easily be asked for. I wanted to search for it and allow my curiosity to rise till I could no longer bear it. So I opened it, I read and looked at intelligent quotes, dumb sayings, beautiful drawings and so forth and then learned it wasn't the original book. Disappointment struck me again. Time rushed me so I was unable to get my hands on the book but I am glad I didn't look at it because I want to wait. I want to look at it when I feel the time is right to do so.
I'll have to admit, when I first discovered the silo, I thought I was in for a bore of an assignment where I would be discussing some form of public art but the mystery behind it had me hooked. After looking into this man and his creation, I learned that it was designed to where the windows lined up perfectly with the shelf that held the book until the new academic center was built. I also learned Tillinghast connected the silo and the book because he believed that agriculture was a way to organize and so is writing. It is a way to organize ideas, people, culture, language, etc. I found this interesting as the book is quite the opposite of organized as random quotes, music lyrics and so forth fill the pages in the most random of places. I later learned that this was not Tillinghast's intentions but I think it's better this way. There is something in these hills and this book make sit all the more mysterious.

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