XSO "Popcorn" RiskTakerz

XSO pulls up to Drive In Movie Theatre.
Girls are playing musical chairs, with a man sitting in the chair with kernels on his lap. ( he looks like (Oville Redenbarker ) When the music stops, the girls shove each other to try to win sitting on his lap. As the winning girl sits on his lap, popcorn starts popping in his pants and butter starts to spewing down her leg from excitement.
Man is sitting at a table eating cake, and it's all over his face ( The man will look like Ike Turner) ... however it is actually a woman with a tray on her ass that he is eating from... earlier a waitress sat the tray on her ass.
XSO purchases Huge Lollipops with Raffle Tickets that say XSO on it. Beautiful Girl also in Concession line is licking a lollipop seductively. The man at the concession stand begins to spew popcorn from mid area which hits her face. She wipes and says, "in my face".
Waitress on Skate chewing gum, skates up to car to take the order from XSO.
Sexy women face covered in popcorn.
XSO Performs as they transform into a part of the circus act going on at the Drive In.
Beautiful Sexy Cigar Host is Selling Condoms instead of Cigars out of Cigar/Serving Tray.
Performance Scene of XSO with color of room and outfits changing every time they turn around.
Scooby Doo Van is rocking side to side. (It doesn't hve to be the Scooby Doo Van, but that would be awesome!!) The Door opens and smoke starts coming out of van. A staggers out half naked steps out and starts to approach XSO, then a girl pops out of the van and pulls him back in the girls share a laugh as they exit the drive in, in a car.

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