RUBAYNE electronic press kit

The musical journey of Rubayne started as a DJ when he was 17 years old. Not much later, he realized that making music and playing this in front of an audience was what he wanted to do. What followed was the inspiring search for his own sound, inspired by his own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In the development of his music, Rubayne first focused on making house music. Then, Rubayne agreed to broaden his musical vision and started making electronic urban music that perfectly suits his vibe: Positive, Encouraging, Energetic and Cool. These four words are one with Rubayne and his work, hoping to positively affect anyone who needs this kind of music and vibe.

So far, Rubayne has seen many gigs, shared stages with Yellow Claw, Carnage, Brooks, and Laidback Luke amongst many others. His tracks gained the musical support from respectable artists in the electronic music scene including Hardwell (as well as releasing a single on his label) , W&W, Ookay and Mike Williams but also pop artists including Willy William. In addition, his first single of 2019 - Ready, was charted in the New Zealand Top 50 on Spotify whereas other tracks have been featured on major YouTube labels and big EDM blogs (EDM.com, Run The Trap and more).

Rubayne also was the winner of ADE Demolition panel of 2018. His appearance hasn’t gone unnoticed, as industry professionals including A&R’s of Atlantic Records and Sony, Grammy Award Winning Producer Troy Taylor and Beyonce’s Songwriter have shown interest in Rubayne’s craft and brand.

For now, Rubayne invites you to join him on his musical journey as he is destined to make electronic and urban music and their cultures come together.

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