Datascape The Musings of Matt Fulmer

There have only ever been a few things that I've liked all of my life.

Those things being art, math, video games science and stories. Before I could talk, there was art. Before there were video games to keep me busy and thinking, there were stories. When I started reading, I grew obsessed with mathematical and scientific knowledge.

The verdant traverse.

Hayden Hale, my favorite character that I made.

Another artist's Hayden

An interesting inspiration to me is ice

My symbol for my story worlds, the Aziran Hyperion and the Domain.

My personal symbol.

My favorite video game series is Pokémon, I made this to celebrate Pokémon's 20th birthday.

My first game was Pokémon emerald.

I have a few favorite Pokémon, one of them is luxray

Fractal obsession

For a while now, I've been obsessed with a type of math called fractal geometry.

The rift
A fractal flame based off of Iceland
Verdict descendance
Dusk circuit city
Azarin pinnacle
Lance of fates
Divine mechanisms
Tyris maze

I Once wrote a story aboUt a fox.

It was a short story, and it was very abstract, but I've been making narratives for myself ever science.

Silent song

GraphIC desiGN

I occasionally do work in graphic design, I make logos and insignias and symbols for things. I like making glyphs.

An espeon I named Elizabeth

Another Elizabeth penning

Logo for a made up syndicate

Logo for a made up military branch

Logo for a made up race

Logo for a made made up Company

Design for an alien interface

Printed flag for a made up country

Design for a logo for a social media account

Design I made when bored

A glyph in a made up language

Design I made for a project

Logo for a term in a video game

Video games

I am learning to program video games. My games are short, but they are getting longer. I hope to go into the game industry someday.

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