The Harn Museum Good Life tour

Introduction: The Harn tour was a fantastic adventure that i would recommend to all of my friends! Throughout the tour, i was constantly intrigued, engaged, and ultimately i was changed in the aspect of how i feel about art overall! I didn't realize that you didn't have to be 100% into art to really understand and relate to it, once i was engaging in the pieces that appealed to my eye, it was easier to connect with the message or picture on a deeper level!

My favorite piece of art with a medium and technique that speaks to me.
Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: The aluminum foil artwork in the front room is chaotic, lively and color-kissed. This particular piece of work stood out to me because of its irregular shape. Taking pictures of this piece or writing about and reading about it is nothing compared to going to see it in person. Taking a simple picture makes it hard to encapsulate the 3D effects of the entire piece (Which is why i tried to take the picture and an angle). The piece is also beautifully illuminated under the lighting, and colors bounce in and out of your eye every instant, yet it's hard to recreate the glimmering magnificence in a few pictures. Seeing this work in person helped me to appreciate the artist's creativity. Though the aluminum is bended in random places, to the artist he meant to put them there. From far other may not appreciate the art like they would from up close, because the colors and bends are much better displayed to the naked human eye. The chaos of the whole piece communicated with me an a personal level though, my personality roots from chaos and excitement, yet, i am OCD like and i like to have order in certain aspects. The artwork is random yet contained and organized in an elliptical shape, which to my eye was really satisfying and beautiful!
This photo had a medium and a look that can be deceiving as well! I wanted to originally mention this artwork before discovering the the spherical aluminum rainbow.

Design of the museum: It was hard to pick one design that was appealing to me, but i ended back in the ceramics section with the class surroundings. The entire museum is organized and set up in spacial perfection. Like mentioned earlier i have a tendency to lean towards ocd and organization. I like to look at things that have uniform cleanliness and the entire museum was sharp and organized, i loved it!! This particular set of ceramic displays was my favorite because i felt closer to the art work. The smooth and clean glass allowed me to get really close to the pieces and look straight through. The White columns that the pieces stood on were organized in a path that made one want to keep following it. The lighting was also dim and reflective off the glass, which (like any other light refraction experiment) created rainbow hues on some parts of the walls and ceramics, which had me at awe and made me excited that the lighting choice brought out the pieces that much more.

Art and Core Values: When it comes to core values this piece really spoke to me. Isabel Bishop, the artist was a subtle feminist in her own way. She spoke about herself and about the way she felt through her artwork. She represents strength for female entrepreneurs. She purposely painted a young, beautiful, successful women in this paining that the men that are in the painting as well, were clearly noticing. Bishop was among the working class, and like many other women, she had to struggle in order to succeed within a male dominated society of workers. She used women in her artwork by defying their standards in society and drawing attention and power. For me, that is exactly how i feel in my field of study (Mechanical Engineering) Engineer is a powerful field of studying in the male workplace, and not many females are known for engineering. Like bishop one of my main core values is to be a strong and independent individual. I strive to be independently successful and i saw what Bishop was trying to advocate in this painting, which i think is wonderful. This painting helps me to better understand that many other women (and men who strive to be independent) are in my position as well. Its nice to realize that sometimes were can relate our core values to others.
Art and the good life: As we maneuver through this course it is safe to say that the good life really depends on the individual. You yourself decide what's important to you, what makes you happy, what's worth fighting for, what's worth celebrating and who we want to have in our lives. Even though it's just one man, this picture speaks to me in that way. Palmer Hayden, as the Artist of this piece was a very important figure in the Harlem Renaissance, and he painted this piece from John Locke's writing: "The New Negro". This painting highlights the importance of african americans focusing on their good life. They had a new coming inspiration after the harlem renaissance to focus on their own subject matter and their own way of life. Accepting who you are, and making a life out of what you like to do and who/what you like to be around really encapsulates the good life in my opinion. This really highlights Embodying the good life and can relate to how it importance it is to be individualistic and to write our own stories. This piece further helped me to connect with the theme of embodying the good life by displaying how broad this topic is. From body image, to race, to society, to disabilities, to gender, and even individualism. I really appreciated how connected i was to this piece and what it stands for.

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