Women's Rights By: lillie krajewski

Many women do not have as many rights as men do, today, and they are not treated as equally as men are. In many places in the world, women do not have the same rights in the economic world. This is a Civil Right’s issue because many women feel discriminated throughout their lives in many different areas. Women do not get paid as much as men do, so they feel that they are not being treated as equally for the same amount of work that men do. In 1920, women received the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was passed, and that was a start to getting women more rights. Still today, women are fighting hard to get their rights equal with men's rights.

Women’s rights and the Civil Rights Movement are similar because there are still not as many equal rights for women as there are for men today. Many of these women’s rights and idea are based on male-centered ideas that include “the beliefs that woman was created after and from man, that women are defined by their sexual identities and functions,” (Opposing Viewpoints). Men clearly think that a woman can just be used and that they have full power over all women. Does this mean that women shouldn’t have the same and equal rights that men do? No this does not. Women are equally the same as men, they are also humans that are citizens. In 1975, women earned 62% of what men earned, and by 2013, it went up to 78%. Women are getting closer to being paid the same amount as men, but they are still not there yet and might not be for a while. Women are still marching for what they believe in to hope that one day, they will have equal rights as men do. During the Civil Rights movement, people marched and protested for what they want to change, and people are still doing that today. There is still an organization today, that was emerged from the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s called the National Organization for Women(NOW). NOW is the largest feminist organization in the United States. Clearly, women'r rights and the Civil Rights Movement are similar because women still don't have as many rights as men do today.

“Will I have to explain to my daughter that her brother is gonna make more money doing the exact same job because he’s a man? If they both played sports since they were three years old, they both worked just as hard, but because he’s a boy, they’re gonna give him more money?” (Women's Equality Day).

-Serena Williams

Women's rights and the Civil Rights Movement are different because during the Civil Rights era, they didn't focus as much on just women's rights, but rights for other groups of people. Also, women didn't have as much equality as they do right now. Women are starting to have more rights today, but they still don't have as many equal rights as men do. During the Civil Rights era, many women marched for equal rights, but it wasn't as easy to get their voices heard as it is now. Men were usually the ones to lead the marches and protests so when it came to a woman's march, they weren't heard as much, (Women in the Civil Rights Movement). Clearly, women's rights and the Civil Rights movement are different because women's rights only focused on women and during the Civil Rights Movement's, they focused on many other groups to fight for equality.

“Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.”

-Hillary Clinton

Citizens can get involved to help women get more rights. People need to get involved and march together to get equal rights for all. If everyone gets together, history could be made and women could get the same and equal rights as men do. They could get what they always wanted which includes equal pay. Just because of someone's gender, doesn't mean that they should be treated differently and not as equally. Women can stand up for themselves by not letting men treat them differently and unfairly. Women should be treated and paid the same amount as men do. They do the same amount of work, or more, and still get paid less than men do. There are many organizations that are helping women with their rights like the National Organization for Women. There is also the Women's March on Washington that just helps people get their voices heard and helps let people know about women's rights. "We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all," (10 Actions / Reflect & Resist). Women need to stand up for themselves as much as they can so no one can treat them poorly and so they can have their voices heard. Overall, if everyone takes a stand and does their part, women could get equal rights, so take a stand!

“I may sometimes be willing to teach for nothing, but if paid at all, I shall never do a man’s work for less than a man’s pay.”

- Clara Barton

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